Baby names inspired by the sea

For several years, marine first names, linked to the sea and the ocean, have been popular. In addition to being unusual, they have a little charm of their own. Discover our selection without delay.

When you think about it, you’ll repeat the first name of that baby thousands and thousands of times in your lifetime. First during pregnancy, for some parents who will have already found, at birth and then over the days of your child. So it is better to choose it well because you never get tired of a first name. At least, we are not supposed to get tired of it.

Did you know that according to a recent study relayed by the English-speaking site Mirror, one parent in seven regrets the first name they gave their child ? Often, the reasons are that the first name has become too commonplace, too popular or thathe was chosen, under pressure, just after giving birth.

So why not choose a first name who would evoke paradise islands and escape just by saying it? Who would take you away from your daily life as a parent for a few moments? A name inspired by the ocean who like the waves would flood you… with love!

A name that evokes the sea

Nothing better than a sailor name for that! Be careful, it’s not just Nemo – the clownfish in the famous Disney cartoon – as a first name inspired by the big blue. Think of the pretty first names of marine mammals, heroes of the sea and other wonders hidden in the depths of the sea. Take your breath and snorkel, sail on the trends of these first names… (without drowning!)

Often short and with a very specific meaning, first names inspired by the sea are not to be overlooked in your search. There is something for every taste. Our favourites: Marin, Ondine, Maina or Naïa… Dive into our selection!

For even more choices:

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