Baby names: will these be the most popular trending names of 2017?

Hello, baby! These names will become a trend in 2017, according to researchers

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Which first names will be the trend in 2017? According to trend researchers and name sites on the Internet, names from TV series and unusual baby names are becoming increasingly popular.

We don’t want our children to be ridiculed or teased because of their exotic names. But we also don’t want them to be numbered in daycare and school just because we thought Emil and Ella were so beautiful. Just like all the other parents.

What will be the trend in 2017?

There was not much movement on the lists of the most popular first names in recent years. Short names that begin with L or M are still very popular (Mila, Mia, Liam), and old, traditional names are on the rise again.

According to the US site, that could change in 2017. The naming experts anticipate that first names from these three areas will be particularly popular in 2017:

1) First names from TV series

The influence of successful TV series will increasingly be reflected in baby names, too, the naming experts believe. So the maiden name is right at the front Arya from the fantasy series “Game of Thrones”. Arya is already a newcomer among the US baby names and could become even more popular this year. (On the German site, however, it is currently only at number 677 in the hit list). Series names that could also become a trend: Lucifer (devilish hero of the US series of the same name) and Castiel (a male angel from the mystery series “Supernatural”).

If we look at it this way, it fits in well with another trend:

2) Exceptional first names

Apparently, parents will be braver this year. The trend researchers observe that baby names outside the mainstream are becoming increasingly popular. Of course, it is difficult to predict which names will be chosen most often in the end. But here you will find ideas for unusual first names.

3) Power first names

Powerful people have always been attracted to people, and it has now become a trend again to show this power and to carry it out – this is shown not least by the example of Donald Trump. The name researchers therefore predict that first names that stand for “power” will skyrocket. For example: Kylo (Character from “Star Wars”) or Augustus (Roman emperor).

But names of gods (no false modesty!) Will also come: Thor, Odin, Freya, Atlas, Luna, Jupiter … A new trend name in the USA is even Messiah (Messiah). According to, more than 1500 babies were named that way in 2015, and the trend is rising …

Which baby names are trending in Germany?

We are curious to see whether the trends from the USA will also prevail here, mostly the fashions there also affect our taste.

According to the largest German name website,, we will also be using 2017 short first names and Names starting with L and M be popular. There is also 20 newcomer namesthat on have become extremely popular in the last few months and will certainly influence the trends in 2017 in Germany:

The newcomer names 2017 for girls and boys:

  1. Philine
  2. Joris
  3. Juna
  4. Linus
  5. Liam
  6. Luna
  7. Julian
  8. Ella
  9. Mina
  10. Mira
  11. Samira
  12. Anouk
  13. Leonie
  14. Joshua
  15. Amelie
  16. Marie
  17. Emilia
  18. Nina
  19. Samuel
  20. jasmine

Rare but beautiful first names

Are you looking for an even more original name? Here you can see which first names are beautiful but rare:

You can find more information about baby names and their meanings at

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Hello, baby!  These names will become a trend in 2017, according to researchers