Baby reflex: Why does the ear snap shut immediately?

Baby Reflex
Why does the ear snap shut immediately?

snapped! No cotton swab finds its way into this ear.


When babies are born they are equipped with some vital reflexes. But does this count as well?

So far we haven’t exactly seen a cotton swab as a threat – although if you ask the ear doctor, you hear something similar … never mind. We state: Actually, a cotton swab is not a threat to us. But what about babies?

Baby reflex: what is it all about?

Such babies are real surprise bags! When they are delivered, they are already equipped with the basics: sucking reflex, breathing reflex and even swallowing reflex. But why do these babies’ ears snap shut when a cotton swab approaches? Could one observe the same phenomenon when touching a finger? And what causes this baby reflex? In the video you will find all the answers to your questions.

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