Baby surprise: 21-year-old gives birth to quintuplets |

Baby Surprise
21-year-old gives birth to quintuplets

Hannah and Jacob Merton couldn’t love their babies Evangeline, Elliot, Gideon, Philomena and Meredith more.


The 21-year-old Hannah did not expect this surprise! Instead of a baby, she is gifted with five children.

For 21-year-old Hannah, a long-awaited wish came true when her children were born. It was a big surprise for her and her husband Jacob that she gave birth to five babies. But how did it happen?

Baby surprise: unexpected pregnancy with quintuplets

A hormonal disorder and blocked fallopian tubes make Hannah Merton think she’s infertile. A difficult time follows in her life – her husband Jacob and she try in vain to get pregnant. Therefore, she decides to take a significant step that would change her life forever. However, the young couple’s happiness as a family is deeply shaken after the birth of their children.

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