“Babylon Berlin”: The fourth season is in the can

“Babylon Berlin”
The fourth season is in the can

A first impression of the upcoming episodes of “Babylon Berlin”: Liv Lisa Fries as Charlotte Ritter.

© Frédéric Batier_X Films / ARD / Degeto / Sky / Beta

The new episodes of the series “Babylon Berlin” have been shot. The fourth season was created “under difficult conditions”.

With a first photo, ARD Degeto, Sky, X Films Creative Pool and Beta Film announced the end of shooting for the fourth season of “Babylon Berlin”. Since March of this year, the new episodes have been created “under difficult shooting conditions”, says Christoph Pellander, editor-in-chief at ARD Degeto. The program director at Sky Deutschland, Elke Walthelm, adds: “We are delighted that the shooting of the new season of ‘Babylon Berlin’ could be finished as planned. In times of Corona this was a great challenge for everyone in front of and behind the camera . “

The point in time for the action will be “the winter months of 1930/31”, “in which the world in Germany is slowly falling apart.” The novel “Goldstein: Gereon Raths third case” by Volker Kutscher (58) served as a template. In addition to Volker Bruch (41) as the said detective commissioner Rath, Liv Lisa Fries (30) as Charlotte Ritter and Lars Eidinger (45) as Alfred Nyssen, some newcomers will join the series in season four. Including Mark Ivanir (53), Barbara Philipp (55), Moisej Bazijan (72) and singer Max Raabe (58).

Still unknown waiting time

The direction of the new season was once again taken over by Henk Handloegten (53), Achim von Borries (52) and Tom Tykwer (56). An exact start date has not yet been set. The new episodes will probably first be shown on the pay-TV channel Sky in 2022, only then will they appear on free TV on Das Erste.