Bachelor 2020: inside knowledge – five unexpected facts


The selection of candidates is becoming ever narrower. A good reason to take a closer look at the girls so that you also know who the bachelor is getting involved with. In addition, a little bit of insider knowledge is not wrong in order to amaze friends at the next Bachelor's evening together. Well then go!

Five unexpected facts about the candidates

  1. Crazy Vanessa lives in Freiburg. Not particularly spectacular. But what we didn't expect: she lives with her grandma. Somehow touching!
  2. Jenny-Jasmin not only works in Cologne's nightlife, but also as a customs officer. Unusual job combination.
  3. Jenny from Cologne has a special hobby and can literally make hell with the Bachelor. In her spare time she is a fire-eater.
  4. Speaking of fire! It definitely blazes in Desiree's blood. She makes no secret of her Latin American roots. But did you know that she was born in São Paulo?
  5. Denise-Jessica has often raved about her little dog, but the fact that the French bulldog is called "Candy-Baby" and even has her own Instagram channel almost knocked us off the desk chair.


It's probably haunted in the villa

The sun is shining over the villa in Mexico, but Birgit looks like seven days of rainy weather – and that feels the whole fourth episode, which can currently be seen on TV NOW. And then Birgit is also called a "witch" by a few girls – and they mean dead serious. The reason for the hocus-pocus accusation? Strong thunderstorms came up at night and just then Birgit's alarm clock rang. I see! Of course, this is clear evidence of witchcraft. Since the girls attended a spiritual cocoa ceremony, they seem to have seen ghosts.

But one more thing worries the other candidates. Before every night of roses, Birgit always predicted who would have to go – apparently she was always very accurate. According to Birgit, you just have to watch closely how the bachelor interacts with the girls. But for Denise, Linda and Jenny Jasmin one thing is certain: there is hocus pocus voodoo stuff behind it. At the end of the episode, Birgit submitted her tip again. You can find out whether it is correct again on Wednesday at 8:15 p.m. on RTL or now on TV NOW.


Can someone stay there?

Suddenly the tablet flashed in the girls' villa – a new message from the Bachelor! The candidates screech around the small screen. Who gets the single date this time? A fat beam spreads on Leah's face. She can go on a romantic date with Sebastian tonight. Now hold on! The said date takes place in his villa!

The candidates have never been so sure: Leah got the overnight date. She will be the first to sleep with him in his bed. Clear evidence: the villa key, which was hidden in a small black box next to the message. Maybe the key to his heart?

You can find out whether Leah will actually stay overnight on Wednesday at 8:15 p.m. on RTL. And the very curious can already get the answer to the question at RTL Now.

The Bachelor: Facts and Figures

  • "The Bachelor" is a reality television show on RTL.
  • A bachelor chooses her life partner from 22 candidates.
  • Based on the American format "The Bachelor".
  • Season 10 is currently starting with Sebastian Preuss
  • Female format counterpart "The Bachelorette" on RTL.

Sources used: TV NOW, RTL