Bachelor 2020: would you have recognized Sebastian?


RTL makes them look very old!

A single date that couldn't be more heartbreaking. There was no trace of action or sport this time, but it became infinitely romantic. Sebastian and Diana were allowed to travel into the future and celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. Does Sebastian like this idea? After all, he vehemently emphasizes that he believes in ONE love. Well then, curtain up!

The two were in the mask for several hours. Gray hair, wrinkles, age spots – RTL made the two look quite old. When Sebastian and Diana finally met as Omi and Opi, they couldn't help but laugh. "I was afraid that I would look really poop," reveals Diana. Nothing there! They also think that old age suits them well. "She is a really attractive older lady," enthuses the bachelor. These are great conditions! Surrounded by other lovers, the fake grandparents slowly danced to the beat. RTL had really arranged a romantic date that gave some viewers a goose bump feeling. Thank you!


(Horror) night of roses

While some girls didn't even have a single date, others already had two on their date account. As a spectator, you can already guess which of the candidates turned out to be Sebastian's favorites. Right at the front in the race and therefore have a rose guarantee: Linda and Diana. At least that's what we thought.

All the more shocked, yes, even speechless, we were at the night of the roses of the fifth episode, which can be seen on RTL this evening at 8:15 p.m. (or already on TV NOW). Little by little, the lucky candidates got a rose and went one round until only one cut flower and three candidates remained – Linda, Natali and Denise-Jessica. We remember: Linda, who already had two single dates, Natali, with whom we are not sure whether the bachelor has ever noticed her, and Denise-Jessica, who Sebastian is actually just nodding at. What happened next goes down in the history of all Bachelor formats. Natali gets the rose and Linda has to pack the suitcases. The girls are shocked, the popcorn gets stuck in our throats and the bachelor grins.

Did Sebastian's decision have something to do with Linda refusing to kiss him just before? At least what remains is a goodbye kiss to the audience.


Real nightmare date – for the bachelor

However, the bachelor envisioned this very differently. It was supposed to be the first overnight date – with Linda, of course. It cannot be denied that Sebastian had been chasing Linda's radiant smile from the first minute and that she has been one of his chosen favorites ever since. However, what led to a rather "must-not-be-true-shock moment" for the audience: Linda would rather sleep in separate rooms on the overnight date. This has never happened before!

Well: As shocking as the decision may be, if you look back on the date, you can understand Linda's decision very well. Because even with this, the Bachelor had let his hunting instinct run at top form and gave everything to get a kiss from Linda. But she still didn't feel ready for it. "I noticed that you had already kissed a few women. I just don't want to be fourth, fifth, sixth," Linda defended herself. No chance! The bachelor doesn't like to see this and bores on. In the end, he gave there is only one way out for the poor candidate: she would rather sleep in separate rooms.

Cheers to Linda!

Dear Bachelor, one thing you really have to write behind your ears: No means No! And it doesn't help to push and drill. Cheers to Linda, who has stayed true to herself and has not let Sebastian change her mind just to please him. We can definitely learn a lot from you, dear Linda. You can find out whether this will cost the rose at the end of the 24-year-old on Wednesday at 8:15 p.m. on RTL, or already on TV NOW.


Rose war instead of tenderness

In the fifth season, which can be seen on RTL on February 5, the girls finally speak plain text. Just because Sebastian Preuss is a bachelor doesn't mean that the girls can't fiddle with him. So two candidates let out a lot of frustration – and the bachelor was pretty busy smoothing the waves.

All on the bachelor

Denise-Jessica grimaced at a group date when she found out that she should "flyboard" in the sea. The problem? Firstly, she hates water and secondly, she sprained her ankle. How can the Bachelor only invite Denise-Jessica on such a date? "It made me feel a little bit fooled and thought: What am I here for now? That I'm looking at him checking out the others?" Raged the 26-year-old. Man, Sebastian!

And even in single dates with Diana, the bachelor brought the 22-year-old to white heat. "Are you really looking for something serious? You also say you still like to party …" was the Bachelor's question, which hit a sore point with Diana. "Oh! So you have a party girl stamp on me now?", She replied stunned. The romantic mood flipped and the single date threatened to flop mightily. You can find out on Wednesday, February 5th at 8:15 p.m. on RTL whether the two will still get the curve. And if you can't wait, you can already watch the episode on TV NOW.

The Bachelor: Facts and Figures

  • "The Bachelor" is a reality television show on RTL.
  • A bachelor chooses her life partner from 22 candidates.
  • Based on the American format "The Bachelor".
  • Season 10 is currently starting with Sebastian Preuss
  • Female format counterpart "The Bachelorette" on RTL.

Sources used: TV NOW, RTL