“Bachelor in Paradise”: Will there be an engagement in the final?

“Bachelor in Paradise”
Will there be an engagement in the final?

Among others, Denise and Zico fight for love in “Bachelor in Paradise”.


On October 24th, “Bachelor in Paradise” starts its third season on RTL. The broadcaster has announced some innovations for the finale

The big love trip on RTL starts on Sunday for the candidates of “Bachelor in Paradise”. In 2021 the station has some innovations ready, as can be read on Instagram, among other places. In the final – as usual – no more roses will be distributed. Instead, rings are exchanged. Alternatively, participants can leave the show as a single, but with money in their pockets. At the end of the journey together, it will be exciting again: will the candidates decide on money or love?

RTL also has another innovation in store: the potential couples introduce each other to their parents and closest confidants. And not only that: the parents and confidants also get to know each other.

These candidates fight for love

It has long been known that this year’s season will not only include former “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” participants, but also completely unknown singles. Also in the party are Chanelle (25), the Swiss “Bachelorette” of 2020, as well as almost “Bachelorette” Donya (30) and Miro (30), whom his friends see as the “perfect Bachelor”. Furthermore, the ex- “Bachelorette” candidates Zico (30), Brian (30), Moritz (32), Gustav (32), Serkan (28), Ioannis (31), Maurice (26), Martin (29) , Lorik (24), David (26), Alex Gérard (32), Anil (31) and Florian (26) about love.

The participants Denise (25), Karina (25), Jacqueline (32), Roxana (29), Denise Jessica (28), Samira (27), Romina (27), Judith (29 ), Sanja (29), Fabienne (29) and Angie (29). Paul Janke (40), who awarded the roses as a “Bachelor” in 2012, is again delivering cocktails and advice. The love journey for the candidates of the third season of “Bachelor in Paradise” already started on Sunday (October 17th) on TVNow. From October 24th, the episodes can also be seen on RTL every Sunday after the feature film at around 10:25 p.m.


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