Bachelorette 2020: Melissa's chosen one is bullied by the "bros"

The fight for the Bachelorette is getting tougher. When Melissa invites Ioannis to an individual date, the gossip starts in the candidate villa.

"The Bachelorette" is entering a new round at RTL (also via TVNow): The pressure of competition for Melissa Damilia (25, "Love Island") is causing a bad breath in the candidate villa. Especially service technician Ioannis (30), who can score points with Melissa, is bullied by the opponents.

But initially the house blessing is still hanging. The first round of dating is delicious. Melissa chooses four men to spoil her with culinary delights. Ioannis prepares Greek salad, social worker Angelo (34) takes over the antipasti course, sales advisor Saverio (35) cooks Spaghetti Napoli. Managing director Leander (22) takes over the dessert and bakes a banana bread. Melissa observes closely: "Who can be creative? Who can not be upset?"

Ioannis scores with his Greek salad full of love

The Greek salad scores points in the subsequent taste test. Melissa: "Well seasoned …". Ioannis: "Love! Don't you taste it ?!" And the viewer notices: Melissa has a little spark.

The conversation with Saverio is a bit chilled, but he elicits interesting facts about her relationship past from the Bachelorette: Melissa admits two relationships, never longer than two years. Even with Leander, the talk is not really picking up speed. Melissa misses the looseness in him. There is more, promises Leander. Finally Melissa decides: Ioannis is allowed to stay on the single date – the other three leave disappointed. It is starting to boil noticeably …

"I am crushing!"

Apparently, Melissa seems to develop sympathies for Ioannis. Raves about him: "I feel comfortable with him. We understand each other blindly, we are similar in so many things." And finally hands him a rose. Ioannis: "Crazy! Normally I would kiss you now!". Ioannis later confesses: "I have a crush!" But Melissa makes it clear: "There is more to come for the next step."

Meanwhile, Melissa's chosen one is being blasphemed in the villa. The "bros" don't like his self-confident manner at all. Jealousy spreads. Big mouth, but nothing behind it! Was the general tenor. When Ioannis comes home, he is ostracized and has to sit alone in the kitchen while the others giggle by the pool.

Ioannis is bullied

Next morning: A tough group date is on the agenda. Eight chosen ones have to prove themselves in a two-man competition on the obstacle course. In the end there will be injuries: abrasions, scratches, bruises and a broken heel! But first the men crawl through the mud, lift truck tires and climb over wooden walls. Melissa is in her element: she loudly heats up the guys with a megaphone.

However, there is no romance. The boys leave disillusioned. Only Moritz is happy. Melissa invited him to a single date. And that has it all: high above the sea, both climb almost naked into a warm water basin. Candlelight, champagne, sunset. Moritz gently caresses Melissa's legs. Melissa laughs: "You have to be able to enjoy that too!"

Then it's time to say goodbye: Maurice (25), Rouven (32) and Saverio (35) don't get a rose in the end and say goodbye without a word. Also for fitness trainer Manuel (25) from Kassel it means "goodbye", but he finds at least nice farewell words.