Back to school 2021: these increasing expenses


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For the start of the school year, students face an increase in their expenses. On average, the cost of running costs is higher, which can cause difficulties for young people and their families, sometimes even giving up on further education.

The start of the student year is already being prepared. Whether you enter or continue your studies, being able to study can seem like a luxury. This year again, student organizations are warning about financial difficulties and the increase in the prices of essential items for students. FAGE has been keeping this index since 2002. According to this federation of associations, in September 2021, the average cost of re-entry for a non-scholarship student will amount to € 2,392, an increase of 1.32% per year. compared to the year 2020. It should first be noted that the so-called specific back-to-school costs have rather decreased, in particular those of complementary health.

For the rest, the organization warns of numerous price increases. This is the case for costs related to computer equipment, internet access and telephone which have risen by more than 7%. Rents are on the rise everywhere in France, especially in Île-de-France (+ 2.19%). Food is also more expensive by 6% according to FAGE, which warns of the lengthening of the lines of beneficiaries of solidarity grocery stores. Another source of costs, new this one: masks, compulsory to be able to study in safety.

How to deal with this increase in student spending?

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These increasing fees combine with the difficulties in finding student jobs in these times of pandemic. Especially since young people who work during their studies can be hampered in their academic success, beyond a certain threshold of working hours. Lack of resources is a source of stress, and can also mean waiver of medical care for lack of money. The FAGE thus indicates that two students out of five gave up going to see a doctor for financial reasons last year.

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To help start and continue your studies, the Federation is asking for the creation of a new financial aid, the Student Re-entry Allowance (ARE), in order to best cover re-entry costs. She also suggests a reform of the stock exchanges, so that more people can benefit from it.

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