Back to the 90s: The Tamagotchi is making a comeback

The cult toy of the 90s is celebrating its comeback

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They are small, cute and take a lot of time – few toys have attracted as much attention around the world as the Tamagotchi. Now the icon of the 90’s is making a comeback with a new edition and one thing is for sure – the virtual pet experience will be taken to a new level.

Iconic Toy: The Tamagotchi, which sparked a worldwide virtual pet frenzy in the ’90s, is about to shake up the toy industry again. The small electronic toy represents a virtual chick that you have to take care of like a real pet from the moment it hatches – which, according to experience, works more for some than for others. As the manufacturer of the small cult toy, Bandai Namco, is now announcing, there will be a new edition of the classic that will revive the virtual pet experience. Thanks to modern technology and a new design, the virtual pet experience is to be raised to a whole new level.

“Tamagotchi Uni”: That changes, that stays the same

Even if a lot has happened in the development of modern technologies and digitization after more than 20 years, the basic principle of the small companions should remain the same. So they should remain unique and personalizable as they were then. What will change is that the small devices can be linked together so that the animals can play with each other. Other technical updates that we could only dream of before are the USB-C port and the battery, as well as a WLAN capability that enables regular updates. As in the fashion industry, the metaverse also plays an important role in the new edition of the small “animals”. The “Tamaverse” makes the Tamagotchi a global experience. Here you can meet other users from all over the world and present the style of your Tamagotchi. The design also adapts to the colorful and cute world of Tamagotchis. In bright pink or eye-catching purple, users can now even wear their little companion on the wrist so that they don’t miss a moment of their protégé.

With the comeback, the price also increases

The official market launch is planned for July 15, 2023 and at the equivalent of 55 euros it is significantly more expensive than the model from the 90s. It is not yet known when the new edition of the iconic toy will be available in Germany, but a German version of the Tamagotchi Uni has already been confirmed. Technology fans don’t have to wait too long anymore.

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