Back to the future: Doc and Marty had a life after the cinema!

Once the cinema saga ended, the adventures of Marty and Doc continued in an animated series. And it is the screenwriter of the three films who is at the origin.

We’re not going to insult you by telling you again to what extent the Back to the Future film saga is absolutely cult; even a trans-generational success, widely entered into the pantheon of Pop Culture. Perhaps you don’t know that the characters of Doc & Marty were far from bowing out, because an animated series was born!

After Back to the Future 3 in 1990, the adventures of Marty and Doc continued in an animated series. Created by Bob Gale, the co-writer of the trilogy, it is divided into two seasons of 13 episodes which were broadcast in France in 1993. Neither Michael J. Fox nor Christopher Lloyd double their character in this series, but Mary Steenburgen (Clara ) and Thomas F. Wilson (Biff Tannen) are back.

Here is the intro credits of this series again…

The episodes are opened and concluded with live-action sequences with Doc (Lloyd) introducing the episode and helping to conclude it while Bill Nye (comedian and scientist) provides an informative and entertaining science experiment.

The series actually begins where the 3rd film in the saga ends. Emmett Brown now lives in Hill Valley with his wife Clara and children Jules and Verne. The DeLorean is now capable of traveling through space, allowing episodes to be located anywhere on the globe, which was not the case in the films.

We learn in particular that Marty’s middle name is Seamus, a character that we saw in Back to the Future 3. It is, however, considered unofficial, taking place in a parallel universe of the films.

The series was canceled after 26 episodes, perhaps following the change in tone between the two seasons. We feel that the series seeks to reach a more childish audience, offers less original plots and limits time travel.

Back to the future: the animated series will itself have a sequel, in comics, thanks to two mini-series published by Harvey Comics written by Dwayne McDuffie and drawn by Nelson Dewey.

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