Backbone One: a PlayStation Edition controller for playing Remote Play on iPhone unveiled

You know it, sony increasingly interested in mobilesyou have to move with the times and resist competition from Microsoft which allows you to play on a bunch of devices with xCloudthen the Japanese manufacturer launched the development of a WipEout Rush for mobiles and filed a patent for a controller suitable for smartphones.

Backbone One PlayStation Edition Controller iPhone iOS (3)Backbone One PlayStation Edition Controller iPhone iOS (2)

But why bother making your own controller when it is possible to partner with already qualified manufacturers? Well, sony today announces a partnership with Backbone in order to produce the Backbone One – PlayStation Editionan iOS-compatible controller for playing on iPhone with the app PS Remote Play, which upgraded to version 5.0 earlier in the year. A controller made in collaboration with sonybut who has the particularity of having asymmetrical joysticksenough to disturb the regulars of DualShock or the DualSense. However, the design of the PS5 controller is taken overwith the same finish, the same colors and materials, without forgetting the transparent keys. sony specifies that it is even possible to connect your headset to it 3D Pulseand the controller is powered by the smartphone, no need to plug it in or charge it.

If the Backbone One – PlayStation Edition allows you to play PS4 and PS5 games on a iPhone, it is obviously possible to have fun with various other titles of theAppStore or to use it for other services of cloud gaming supporting gamepads like Genshin Impact, Fantasian, Call of Duty: Mobile. sony invites players to download the application Backbone App on theAppStore to find integrations playstation with personalized glyphs representing the symbols of the Japanese brand in particular.

The Backbone One – PlayStation Edition is already available on the website of Backbonedown from $99.99. You can also find cards NHP on Amazon.

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