Backless bras for backless dresses in comparison

Backless bras
These models should not be missing in any wardrobe

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Backless dresses are elegant and sexy. A backless bra ensures that no flashing straps spoil your look. We have selected the best models for you.

Which bras are suitable for backless dresses?

As the saying goes: a beautiful back can also delight – and best of all when no bra straps or clasps protrude! However, many women do not really feel comfortable without a bra. No need to worry, because there are various solutions: a backless bra with deep-seated straps, an extension of your bra straps with so-called low-back straps or an adhesive bra that does not need any straps. We have put together some beautiful models for you.

Solution number 1: low-slung backless bra

A normal bra is usually closed a few inches below the shoulder blade. For backless models, such as B. the Ultimate backless bra by Wonderbra, the closure is a few centimeters lower so that you cannot see it under backless tops. Foam cups and a silicone band on the underbust provide support. This is a good solution, especially for women with larger cups, so that they can wear backless clothes without any problems.

Solution number 2: low-back straps

Would you like to wear it backless, but not do without your favorite bra? No problem: the so-called Low-back straps are extensions for bra straps that are simply hooked into the fastener of your own bra on both sides, crossed forwards once and closed at the stomach. So every bra can be easily transformed into a backless version! Transparent models, such as the low-back straps from Hunkemöller, remain invisible even when slipping. A super easy and inexpensive way to wear backless tops!

Solution number 3: adhesive backless bras

If the back neckline is very low, adhesive bras are best, as these have neither straps nor underbust bands and are instead glued directly to the skin. The self-adhesive bra can also be a good choice for dresses with very thin straps, e.g. B. the skin-friendly one Adhesive bra by Hunkemöller. To ensure that it sits correctly and nothing slips, a few points should be observed when “attaching” it.

How to use adhesive backless bras:

  • The skin should be clean and free of oil for the bra to hold in place. So you should wash the skin before sticking the bra on and not put any lotion on it.
  • Before sticking on, the protective film is peeled off the adhesive bra, the breast is lifted slightly and the cup is then placed directly on the breast. You can check the fit directly in the backless dress and correct it if necessary.
  • You should save the protective film to put the bra back on after wearing it. So you can use the adhesive cups several times.

Solution number 4: nipple covers

Instead of an adhesive bra, you can also use nipple covers. You simply glue these over the nipples. The adhesive helpers are not only suitable for back cutouts but also for deep décolletés. However, they do not offer any support. For larger cups, an adhesive bra is therefore the better solution. The Silicon nipple covers from Hunkemöller can be cleaned with water and mild soap and reused.

Solution number 5: strapless bras

If the back neckline is not too deep, a strapless bra or bandeau bra is sometimes enough for a perfect look. Despite the lack of straps, the bras offer enough support even for larger cups. When choosing the size, however, you should make sure that it does not sit too far. Our favorite is the strapless bra “Refined Glamor” by Wonderbra with underwire, full shell and sexy black lace.

Solution number 6: make backless bras yourself

Do you have a bra that you no longer wear? Then you can turn it into a backless bra in just a few simple steps. You can find out how to do this in the video!

White bra on a red background with cut straps

Backless dresses: this is how you wear the trend

With a backless bra adapted to the dress, nothing stands in the way of a stunning backless appearance. We have a few additional tips and tricks for you:

  • Design your rest of the outfit rather reserved and do without a deep cleavage or a short skirt so as not to distract from your back. If you show too much skin, the look quickly becomes “naked”.
  • Even with a few pounds more on the ribs, the backless trend is great to wear. If you do not completely give up on fabric or Conceal problem areas want to use transparent fabrics, cut-outs or lace to feel the trend.
  • For a glamorous appearance, you can use one Cream or an oil with a shimmer effect use to make your back shine. Be careful not to apply cream to the areas of skin where you might want to attach an adhesive bra, as this will not adhere properly.

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