Bad fashion purchases: this is how we transform the unpleasant pieces into favorite pieces


Fashion bad purchases
This is how we transform the unpleasant parts into favorite pieces

It usually starts with "I could …" – and the bad buy has already happened and ends up as a closet corpse.

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One look, one click, one bad buy! Every fashionista should have done this before. But what to do with the textile nightmares?

Shopping has never been easier or more disastrous. The corona pandemic led to the forced closure of the shops, so you can shop comfortably from the couch. This maximizes the convenience factor, but also the associated bad purchases. While women tried the denim jacket in the changing room in the store in the pre-corona period, found it too misshapen and left it in the store, we are now shopping online and keep the "Fits tight" part because we are too lazy to send it back . Here are a few tips on how bad purchases can still turn heads.

Oversize: When there is just one "x" too many

Oversize can't have enough "X" this year, so the blouse, XXL sweater or maxi dress ordered quickly turned out to be a bit too big. So what to do if the item shouldn't end up on eBay or end up as a cabinet body? A waist belt can hide the problem quickly and easily. A statement buckle works as an eye-catcher, directing the gaze from the oversize to the narrow waist.

Incidentally, something similar also works with high-cut trousers. Instead of choosing a white blouse with dark blue carrot pants with a high waistband, for example, it makes sense to combine a top from the same color family. The blouse and pants combination becomes a jumpsuit look that restores the balance in the outfit.

Mini: The little black dress is too tight

Fashion optimists have a completely different problem. Right now in the sale, your own size for the Mini is quickly sold out. Doesn't matter, thinks the fashion optimist and shops one size smaller: "With a little tummy tuck, I'll get in there!" Perhaps, in front of the mirror, the little black dress might look a bit too mini.

This is where the layering method helps, which cleverly conceals the unwanted rolls. The main thing is the different lengths of the pieces. The rule here is: it's all about variety. A tip for layering laypeople: In the beginning, it is advisable to use light and flowing fabrics, as these are easier to combine and style.