Bad news for the LEP rate, page price… The 3 news of the day for your money

Prices per page which could explode in 2025, a law aiming to better share value within companies and the LEP rate in difficulty… A look back at the 3 main news from this Thursday, November 30 for your money.

Bad news for LEP

This Thursday, the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (Insee) published the inflation figures for the month of November. And it slows down sharply, going from 4% over one year in October to 3.4% in November. This is positive news for the purchasing power of consumers but which should have an unfavorable impact on the rate of the Popular Savings Booklet (LEP).

Based on the figures published this Thursday by INSEE, and its forecasts for the end of the year, average inflation between July and December will be barely above 4.2%. In other words, the LEP rate should be 4.20% from February 1. A drop of 1.8 points compared to current remuneration. But nothing is certain.

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Page prices could increase in 2024 and 2025

The French will not experience more than a 3% increase in page prices in 2024, after an average of 4.75% in 2023. This is what the Minister for Transport, Clément Beaune, promised. Problem, this moderate increase for 2024 could have a negative impact for motorists in 2025. In fact, motorway companies threaten to sharply increase prices if the tax on motorway concessions, planned in the 2024 draft budget, comes pass.

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New developments for sharing value within companies

The law on value sharing was promulgated on November 29 and published in Official newspaper from November 30. There are three main points to remember. The Macron bonus, approved, can be paid in two installments and into an employee savings plan. It will remain completely tax-free until 2026 for employees of small businesses whose remuneration is less than 3 SMIC.

In addition, a new system, the company valuation sharing plan (PPVE), will be created. It will allow employees to benefit from a bonus based on the increase in the value of their company. Premiums paid on these plans during the first years will be exempt from social security contributions. Finally, companies with 11,49 employees, profitable for three consecutive years, will have to put in place at least one value sharing system.

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