bad news that will make people disappointed

Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut is about to be released on PC. But one feature is still debated, causing discontent among players. This is why the Nixxes studio, responsible for the port, reacts by playing the in-between card.

Starting tomorrow, PC players will finally be able to get their hands on one of PlayStation’s most promising new licenses. Ghost of Tsushimathe open-world RPG set in the feudal Japan of Kamakura, is about to arrive on Steam.

However, after the debacle of Helldiverse 2 around the obligation to link a PSN account to Steam, Ghost of Tsushima works on games. Nixxes, the studio behind the port of the Sucker Punch game, has updated information which still leaves doubt about the future of a certain functionality…

Ghost of Tsushima plans to adapt

Last April, Nixxes communicated on the PC configurations necessary to run Ghost of Tsushima correctly, but also other features of the game. However, later than yesterday, the relevant PlayStation Blog post was updated. In two short lines, the studio shows that everything is not yet done for the PSN.

The novelty concerns the multiplayer mode, called “Legends”. This invites you to face enemies in cooperation with your friends or players in matchmaking. Officially, cross-play will be possible between PS4, PS5 and PC. But, now there is a catch: Nixxes announces that cross-play will be available in “beta”. What does that mean ?

In a post shared on X (formerly Twitter), the studio sets things straight. Multiplayer will be included on PC. However, users will not be automatically matched with players from different platforms “. To access cross-play, they will need to link the account PSN on Steam.

However, launching this feature in beta indicates one thing: Nixxes will monitor player feedback to maintain the PSN obligation or not. The studio even specifies that it will solicit opinions in order to “ make adjustments in the weeks following launch “. Therefore, people who do not wish to create a PSN account or link theirs to Steam will be able to wait, awaiting a final decision from Nixxes and Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Finally, remember that the PSN is not necessary to experience the Ghost of Tsushima experience in solowhether it’s the main game or its DLC, included in the Director’s Cut version which is the subject of this port to PC. So, this only concerns cross-play multiplayer.

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