bad news that will make people disappointed

FF7 Rebirth has built up the hype with its new trailer, but the announcement that Square Enix has just made concerning this sequel risks dropping it a little.

At the start of the year, FF fans all had June 22 marked on their calendars. This is the day of the release of Final Fantasy 16, which ultimately did not satisfy everyone despite the enormous hype around it. Now that this deadline has passed, the next big game expected in the saga is none other than FF7 Rebirth. We finally know the title’s release date, set for February 29, 2024. The wait may be long for players who want to finally understand the confusing events of FF7 Remake, particularly its shocking conclusion. In this sequel, Cloud and his gang will obviously be back, but with one difference…

News about FF7 Remake 2 that will make some people disappointed

What would Final Fantasy 7 be without its iconic characters? Despite the numerous storyline variations brought by FF7 Remake and its sequel, the group of heroes remains intact and will even be larger in FF7 Remake 2 with the presence of Cait Sith, Red XIII and Yuffie as playable characters. Unfortunately for those who were hoping to keep Cloud, Tifa, Barret and Aerith’s progression from one game to the next, that won’t be possible. In an interview with PlayStation Blog, game director Naoki Hamaguchi justifies this decision.

We announced from the start that the Final Fantasy 7 remake project was going to be done in the form of a trilogy, and that each game was going to be independent. Balancing is specific to each game. For this reason, player levels and abilities cannot be transferred from one game to another.

Naoki Hamaguchi explains that there will still be special bonuses for players who played the previous game in FF7 Remake 2, just to reward the most loyal. Those who thought they would recover their many materials and skills that they worked hard to recover in the first episode will surely be disappointed despite everything.

A sequel that promises to be generous

Moreover, even if the game director tries to make it clear that newbies can jump straight into FF7 Rebirth without having played the first episode, it is still better to go through that despite the summary of FF7 Remake which will be included in this sequel. The scenario already looks nebulous enough as it is. What we saw in the latest trailer, which once again shows us Cloud and Sephiroth collaborating or Zack arriving in Midgar, is still just as intriguing. We will have to wait for the release of the PS5 exclusive on February 29, 2024 to understand all of this. Finding free time to play will also be a challenge, since the lifespan of FF7 Rebirth will be around 100 hours of play.

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