bad surprise in March for nearly 900,000 withdrawals

This Wednesday, March 1 marks the payment of the supplementary pension for the month of March for withdrawals from private sector employees. Is it significantly lower than in recent months? This is the consequence of an increase in your CSG rate, which is accompanied by a catch-up of the January and February withdrawals. 869,435 Agirc-Arrco beneficiaries are affected by an increase in CSG in 2023.

The tax administration informs Agirc-Arrco if your situation [fiscale] is stable or if it changed on 1 January 2023. This change entails, from this date, either an increase or a decrease in the social contributions on your supplementary pension. This warning has been present since the beginning of February on the Agirc-Arrco supplementary scheme website. If your income has increased so as to cross one of the following thresholds (or two years in a row to go from 3.8% to a higher rate), your monthly social security contributions increase.

Retirement 2023: your CSG rate, if your RFR exceeds…
Tax sharesCSG 3.8%
CSG 6.6%
CSG 8.3%
1 part (single person)116141518323564
2 slices (couple)178162329136144
Additional half share
+ 3101+ 4054+ 6290

RFR to take into account: tax notice 2022 on income 2021.
CRDS 0.50% in all cases, CASA 0.30% in all cases.
Thresholds valid in mainland France. For the detailed table, see the ministerial letter of December 12, 2022.

But why is it only now, on March 1, that your pension is changing? Because there is systematically a lag for the taking into account of this evolution for the complementary plans, the difference of the general plan, the Retirement insurance having operated this update from the January pension paid on February 9th.

Your January and February pensions were paid without taking this increase into account

However, your January and February pensions were paid without taking this increase into account. The regularization therefore takes place on the March pension: your complementary decreases both due to the increase in social security contributions, but also because of the catch-up of the too little withdrawn during the first two months of the year 2023. In April, you will find a more traditional pension, that is to say less than the last few months because of more substantial CSG, but without catch-up. The amount received in April will then be maintained until the annual revaluation scheduled for November 2023.

Requested by MoneyVox, Agirc-Arrco detailed the number of withdrawals concerned: 869,435 Agirc-Arrco beneficiaries have seen their pension reduced due to a change in the rate of CSG rising. For more than 13.3 million withdrawals affecting this complementary in France.

A rising pension if your CSG rate drops

The opposite is obviously possible: a drop in resources leading to a drop in your rate of social security contributions. In this case, the net pension that Agirc-Arrco pays you into your bank account increases automatically. And the scheme theoretically paid the excess amount to your account during the month of February. This pleasant surprise concerns, according to Agirc-Arrco 1124884 recipients.

Agirc-Arrco retirement: when will your new CSG rate be applied to your supplementary pension?

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