Baerbock and Scholz are there: Laschet cancels election show at ProSieben

Baerbock and Scholz are there
Laschet cancels election show at ProSieben

It should not only be political, but also private: In September, Green leader Baerbock and SPD politician Scholz appear on ProSieben in live shows for the federal election. But the third candidate for chancellor is not there: CDU boss Laschet gives the station a rejection.

ProSieben has set up a show format for the chancellor candidates, but has to be content with the campaigners Annalena Baerbock and Olaf Scholz. The Green politician and the SPD man face ProSieben presenter Louis Klamroth and numerous citizens in September, as the broadcaster announced in Unterföhring near Munich. CDU chancellor candidate Armin Laschet does not take part in the format. “We asked Armin Laschet and he canceled,” said a ProSieben spokeswoman.

“Unconventional. Direct. Spontaneous.” is the motto of the two Wednesday evenings on September 1st with Baerbock and on September 15th with Scholz, according to the broadcaster. In the live shows, it becomes political and private. “In classic election campaign appearances on TV, political professionals often reel off the same program like a prayer wheel. That bores me and I think many viewers too,” said moderator Klamroth, according to the announcement.

A CDU spokesman said of Laschet’s non-participation: “We were in talks with ProSieben about a triall at ProSieben and Sat.1. Mr. Laschet had already agreed to this. This program was then canceled by ProSieben.” On request, ProSieben spokesman Christoph Körfer replied: “ProSieben would have liked to show a triell before the election in addition to the three” ProSieben Bundestag election shows “announced in May. Armin Laschet had agreed to do this. But it was not possible to find a date , on which the three top candidates have time together. “