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Bag trends 2020: these styles are on display this year

While the small, fine clutch 2020 is getting bigger, the otherwise spacious tote bags shrink to micro size. Well, what can we say, the bag trends 2020 are taking on completely new dimensions. You don't have to understand that, but you definitely have to wear it. Because the new hot styles make your outfits an absolute eye-catcher. Whether worn under your arm or over your shoulder, you shouldn't miss these five bag trends this year.

Here the bear is quilting … uh, the bag!

Bottega Veneta's Padded Cassette Bag is a pioneer for the hyped quilting trend – and sold out almost everywhere! Fashionistas like Leonie Hanne and Caro Daur are already carrying the padded bags up and down on Instagram. No wonder, the special quilted look is an absolute eye-catcher! Whether in a cool cameltpm or cute baby blue – a quilted bag on the shoulder spices up any outfit.

The bigger the better!

We usually know the clutch as an elegant evening bag, in which the most important of the most important fits. The "The Pouch" clutch by Bottega Veneta, on the other hand, comes in an XXL look with voluminous ruffles. The It-Bag offers enough space for all sorts of things you need in everyday life: cell phone, keys, wallet, pen, disinfectant gel, notebook, handkerchiefs, make-up, tampons and so on … Simply practical!

Mini, micro, nano – small but powerful!

While the clutch is getting bigger, large tote bags have shrunk tenfold. We owe this trend mainly to the Jacquemus fashion label. In addition to micro bags, this also brought nano bags to the catwalks and from there to the wrists of the most influential fashion influencers. And tadaaa, the hype is real! The bags are by no means practical, but they are definitely cute. And despite their size – or maybe because of it – the popular XS-Bags immediately attract everyone's attention!

The purest natural beauty!

Canvas bags are THE bag trend for this spring and summer. The large, spacious tote bags are largely made of a solid cotton fabric and impress with their minimalist, natural look. The combination of beige fabric and brown leather is particularly timeless and makes you want to go on vacation. The canvas bags are by no means a pure holiday accessory. Variants such as the Book Tote by Dior with their embroidered monochrome look combined with casual blue jeans and a white shirt result in the perfect on-the-run look!

As is well known, more is more!

The smaller the pockets, the less space you have – sounds logical. So why not carry two or three micro bags at once. That is why several designers and fashion houses simply combine micro-bags with each other. These usually hang on a wide belt and can be worn crossbody or as a bum bag. Practical, the hands are free and there is also a bit more space for cell phone, keys and more!

Hach, we are so in love with the designs that we cannot decide which It-Bag should move in with us first. We would like to have everyone, daaaanke!

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