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Just like dark circles, bags under the eyes are very common. But contrary to popular belief, they are not only linked to a lack of sleep ! In fact, they are mainly the cause of poor blood circulation and an accumulation of fat and water under the eyes. But not only ! They can also be of genetic origin, or be accentuated by certain external factors such as tobacco and alcohol consumption. Even more surprising, in a video published on YoutubeDr Andrea Suarez, American dermatologist, even revealed that simply rubbing your eyes too much could also accentuate bags!

In short, it is not easy to prevent bags under the eyes from appearing. After all, we are not stronger than nature! However, fortunately there are tips and techniques of all kinds to eliminate bags if you want to get rid of them. The cold, a good eye contour, green tea… There is something to do before going through surgery! However, these methods will take time to be truly effective. In the meantime, how can you hide your pockets? You probably guessed it, this is where makeup comes in ! In a video posted on his TikTok account, Vincent Fordprofessional makeup artist, revealed his unstoppable trick.

How to hide bags under the eyes easily with makeup?

The challenge when you want to make up your bags under your eyes is to find the perfect balance between camouflaging the color and the relief of the latter. For this, makeup artist Vincent Ford has a tip, which however requires having three products: a color corrector, a concealer of the same tone and another lighter concealer. Although this requires a small investment, we must admit that the stunning result has convinced us. Here are the steps to follow:

  • First, apply your color corrector on the shaded and colored part from your pockets;
  • Then, apply the concealer of the same tone above the corrector and the lighter concealer below;
  • Blend your products, starting with the concealer, then the concealer on top, then the one below;
  • Apply a few small points of light concealer over the color corrector and blend again.
  • Fix everything with your powder and voila !

Result: an impressive trompe-l’oeil, which gives the impression that the pockets are no longer there! Watch the steps one by one in video:

I’ve been asked a lot to do an under eye bag tutorial. The goal is to minimize the appearance. This won’t get rid of them but will help to disguise them. The main thing is to color correct the hollow of the undereye bag and use a deeper concealer above this area to blend it in. I use a lighter shade under it to lift the whole area. Because there is a lot of product it needs to be set with loose powder and misting a setting spray onto your brush, pushing it in to finish setting it. #undereyebags #darkcircles #concealer #makeup #fyp

♬ original sound – Vincent Ford

Cold spoon, tea bag: are these techniques effective in reducing bags under the eyes?

Multiple techniques are often presented as effective in reducing puffiness. This is particularly the case of tea bags placed on the eyes, notably adopted by Iris Mittenaere. Asked about this by Current wifeDr Nina Roos, dermatologist specifies: “tea, and especially green tea, is antioxidant. But in this way, the active ingredient does not really penetrate the cells, so we are closer to the myth than to reality…”. Before specifying that “if the sachets are cold, they have a decongestant effect, such as using two metal spoons taken out of the refrigerator and placed on the eyes for a few minutes. So that leads us to the second most popular trick for puffiness: cold spoons. And obviously, it’s validated by dermatologists!

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