Bake Valentine's Day cakes for your loved ones

Valentine's Day cake: bake with love

For Valentine's Day, of course, we prefer to bake in heart shape. Fortunately, there are no limits to the imagination. Sweet Valentine's Day cakes and tarts or heart-shaped cookies and biscuits in all sizes and colors: Of course, you can bake whatever tastes good for your loved ones on Valentine's Day. You can find the best recipes in the gallery.

It gets even sweeter if you then pack the Valentine's Day cake or cookies in heart-shaped boxes or tins. You can't show more love with a cake on Valentine's Day. We wish you a lot of fun giving away and enjoying together.

More loving ideas

Such a delicious cake is also ideal for a Valentine's Day breakfast or as a tasty dessert on a Valentine's Day menu.

If you want to give your sweetheart such a beautiful gift, it doesn't have to be in the shape of a heart. Perhaps a cassis tartlet in the color of love suits your taste better or you decorate cookies or a cake with personal words? Often times, the simple ideas are the best!

Are you looking for more Valentine's Day gifts? Then have fun browsing.

Tip: Cakes and Co. as a heart also go perfectly with Mother's Day!