Baking Cookies: 100 Recipes for Christmas Cookies

Bake cookies for every taste

Opinions are divided when it comes to Christmas biscuits: Some want to bake the classics every year and cannot imagine Christmas without gingerbread, vanilla croissants, macaroons, speculoos, gingerbread and Co. Others prefer variety when baking cookies and experiment with a new cookie recipe every year. Some want to bake with their children and are therefore looking for recipes for quick, simple Christmas biscuits, others love to spend hours decorating their cookies – and can not use clumsy bakers.

Bake cookies without stress

Some bake their favorites year after year and then look forward to cinnamon stars, Christmas stollen and almond biscuits like little children, others find nothing more exciting than to fill the biscuit plate with new, exciting creations every year.

No wonder that baking cookies is a feat for many. You take too quickly when choosing the recipes you want to implement this year – and you realize that the cozy Christmas bakery has become more of a sporting challenge. That's why it's important to choose carefully beforehand.

Your Christmas cookies are guaranteed to be a success

So that the fun of baking cookies is in the foreground, we recommend: Less is more! Think carefully about which Christmas biscuits you want to put on your cookie plate this year, relying on a healthy mix of new, experimental recipes and the tried and tested classics that you know will work well. Put the selected types of your Christmas biscuits together in small groups if you can use one dough for several types.

Because: if you are clever, try to make as many different types of cookies as possible from a single dough when baking cookies. Many basic recipes are actually so similar that you can conjure up many different cookies with a single shortcrust pastry, which you vary slightly over and over again. This also saves money when shopping, because the shopping list for Christmas cookies quickly grows immeasurably. If you concentrate on Christmas cookies with a similar base, you only need a few additional ingredients.

Baking cookies with children – it's really fun this way

And: Think about whether you would rather pay attention to the decoration of your Christmas cookies, or whether you would rather try exciting new varieties. Both are sure to be too much. A simple shortcrust pastry with an artistic decoration can make just as much an impression on the Christmas cookies as our extravagant mocha meringue dots. And especially when you bake cookies with children, the motto is anyway: the easier the better.

Children don't want cardamom and cinnamon printen, fruit bread and Basel strips – no matter how great they are! – they want to really stick their fingers together while kneading the dough, munching around in the flour, secretly nibbling the dough from the stirring sticks, cutting out Christmas cookies and then making a huge mess with colorful sprinkles, couverture and bright colors. Here, of course, the focus is on baking itself as an event. And when the little Christmas bakers see their self-made cookies on the coffee table, they will almost burst with pride. And you will know: It was worth all the effort! Here you will find cookie dough for children.

In our large photo show on the topic of Christmas cookies, everyone will find the right recipe, and the inspiring photos will make you want to bake right away: From vanilla croissants and coconut macaroons to Christmas stollen and shortbread biscuits to speculoos, everything is included. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful pre-Christmas season!

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