Baking cookies: You can use these tricks to save calories

In the Christmas bakery
These tips will make your cookies healthier

The Christmas season is full of goodies – which don’t always have to be unhealthy.


Baking cookies (and of course nibbling!) Is a permanent part of the Christmas season for many of us. These little tricks will get you healthier right away.

Chocolate Santa Clauses, gingerbread and, of course, cookies: the Christmas season is full of goodies that sweeten our December – because snacking is simply part of the Advent season. However, if you want to pay attention to your diet now, you don’t have to do without the Christmas baked goods completely.

Baking cookies: this is how you save calories

Because there are a few tricks that can make your cookies healthier – but not less tasty. How to best prepare the cookies and what you should pay attention to with the ingredients, we will tell you in the video.

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