Baking paper trick: easily remove limescale from the bathroom

No more annoying scrubbing
Remove limescale from the bath with baking paper

This little piece of parchment paper can work wonders.


Even with limescale remover, your bathroom can no longer be cleaned properly? Then try it with baking paper, it even has several advantages.

Anyone who does not regularly remove water residue from their fittings in the bathroom will sooner or later have to struggle with limescale. The deposits are usually stubborn and difficult to clean. There are special cleaning agents for this, but they are now superfluous. You most likely already have what you need to remove the limescale at home.

Baking paper: With that, lime is now history

Because all you need is parchment paper. Do not you think? Try it. In the video we show you how the trick works and users who have tried it.

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