Baldness, here is the drink to avoid according to a study that is making a lot of noise

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Chinese researchers recently linked hair loss in men to a particular drink. We tell you more about this study published on January 1st.

It’s a complex for manyalthough others made it look sexy. Baldness, or hair loss, affects a large number of men, including Prince William who was recently attacked by his brother about it, and is also of great concern to them. Some learn to live with it like Matthew McConaughey who is unrecognizable, others decide to shave their head to solve the problem and some call on the transplant to overcome this lack.

In short, male pattern baldness is not taken lightly. A problem that often makes women smile in view of the many complexes they too face. If some try to blame their father or grandfather for their genetics, it seems that there is another reason for hair loss.

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A drink in particular is said to be the cause of baldness

On January 1, a study was published by chinese researchers who dwelt on the case of baldness in the review Nutrients. These have established a link between hair loss in men and… sugary drinks, such as soda or fruit juice, for example. Researchers from Tsinghua University in Beijing analyzed data from 1,028 men aged 18 to 45. They realized thatonly one glass of sugary drink a day promotes male pattern baldness. Thus, the higher the quantities of sugary drinks consumed, the greater the risk of hair loss seems to increase, again according to Chinese researchers.

This can be explained by increased serum glucose after consuming sugary drinks. In summary, sugary drinks increase the concentration of glucose in the blood and thus reduces the amount available to the hair follicles. This increases the risk of hair loss. This is a new good reason given to men to review their eating habits and limit sugar. But as we know, this is always easier said than done.


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