Baldur’s Gate 3: Patch 5 adds two game modes, epilogues and technical improvements

Patch 5 is so large that Larian Studios recommends reinstalling the game. With 30 GB of data, it will require 130 GB of free space to take up residence on your hard drive. The full patchnote is available here, in Tom Cruise’s language.

Harry Patch (In Memory Of)

If the maximum difficulty mode of Baldur’s Gate 3 was not enough hardcore to your taste, the arrival of Honor mode should meet your requirements. This disables the loading of previous saves, so you will have to assume the results of all your dice rolls. The difficulty of the game will be increased, in and out of combat, and boss encounters will be more tactical than ever, with 30 new modifications for major enemies to reduce us to the state of elementary particles. In the event of death during an Honor game, this mode will be deactivated. It’s not yet permadeath, but almost. Completing the game in this mode will grant you a gold D20.

Custom mode will be much more flexible, and will offer an à la carte experience for players. We can use it to push the envelope of playful suffering even further, or Conversely, simplify the adventure by adjusting the difficulty of combat, deactivating the possibility for enemies to perform critical hits, activating full healing on a short rest, etc. For an experience ever closer to a paper-and-pencil role-playing game, it will be possible to deactivate the display of enemy life points, and hide the roll necessary to succeed in your dice rolls.

Technically, patch 5 will bring performance improvements, particularly in Act 3, and the addition of dynamic resolution on PS5. Access to the inventory will be more comfortable, with management of the small affairs of fellow travelers in the same interface, whether or not they are part of the group.

Finally, Larian announced the addition of epilogues, which will take place before the end credits. Epilogues which will take place six months after the events of BG3 and will allow us to find our whole clique at the campfire for warm celebrations (or not). This time, the studio didn’t do things by halves: “this “final farewell” has been one of the most complex exercises in the game for Larian’s writers thus far, as it takes advantage of the responsiveness of Baldur’s Gate 3 throughout the adventure. A gigantic tree of permutations defines the content with new text (3,589 lines, to be exact), cutscenes and even characters who join the camp meeting, organized by Blight“.

Patch 5 will be deployed shortly, and the Xbox Series version of Baldur’s Gate 3 expected for December will benefit from its launch.

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