“Balko Tenerife”: The start date for the comeback of the series has been set

“Balco Tenerife”
The start date for the comeback of the series has been set

Balko (Jochen Horst, right) and Krapp (Ludger Pistor) back in action.

© RTL / Ufa Fiction / Olaf González

With Jochen Horst and Ludger Pistor, the original duo of the TV series returns in “Balko Teneriffa”. Now it is clear when.

The unequal investigator duo Balko (Jochen Horst, 60) and Krapp (Ludger Pistor, 62) returns after more than 15 years in its original cast – this happy news delighted all fans of the crime series “Balko” in October 2021. Sender RTL has now announced the exact details of the comeback of the TV series, which is called “Balko Tenerife” and comes as a “multi-part action comedy film series”.

The first part will be entitled “Better for two” and will be shown on RTL on March 24, 2022 from 8:15 p.m. The “Balko Teneriffa” start is available again much earlier on the streaming service RTL + – from March 10th.

Regarding the content of “double holds better”, the broadcaster says: While Balko, after the death of his Spanish wife, gave himself up to alcohol full of self-pity, Krapp, who now works as a secretary of the Ministry of Defense and only travels in a private jet, couldn’t get any better to run. But then, after a party hosted by the German arms manufacturer Oswald in Santa Cruz, he is accused of murdering a waitress.

A new member and a first guest star

As a new face, Alicia Ruíz (Tamara Romera Ginés, 27) will support the commissioners. The location is also new: As the title already suggests, Balko and his team are no longer investigating in Dortmund, but on the Canary Island of Tenerife.

Uschi Glas (77) was won as a star guest for the comeback. At the start she plays “the obscure businesswoman Beate Oswald”. Also present are Jan Henrik Stahlberg (51, “4 Blocks”), Johannes Kienast (36, “Marie Brand”) and Iván Gallardo (56, “Schloss Einstein”).

“Balko” was first broadcast in 1995, followed by more than 120 episodes in a total of eight seasons until 2006. But Horst only played the title hero in the first 48 episodes, after which he was replaced by actor Bruno Eyron (57).


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