Banned from cars – for months: diesel locomotives run for hours at the stand

Banned on cars, politically tolerated on the ÖBB: At the Jedlersdorf train station in Vienna, locomotives with running diesel engines stand for hours at the stand, directly in front of residential buildings. The residents have been complaining about noise for a long time and are exposed to unnecessary emissions. Now the railway promises solutions.

The “Krone” already pointed out the problem in the previous year. Almost nothing has improved, as residents report. At the Jedlersdorf station there is still a noise and ecological madness. (Shunning) locomotives stand in front of the housing complex for many hours with the engine running. The train drivers get out, take a break or something else. The residents suffer from the noise, which goes far beyond the normal noise of freight trains. Heavy punishment if you leave the car on the stand “It’s unbearable,” complains a tenant. “It’s like this several times a week.” It’s also an environmental disaster. In the case of cars – although they consume much less when idling than locomotives (see graphic below) – this is forbidden. If you leave your engine running unnecessarily in the parking lot, you have to expect hefty fines (usually 100 to 200 euros). Different rules apply to the railway. The railcar engines would have to be heated or cooled before and after trips, explains ÖBB spokeswoman Julia Krutzler. And: “We take the feedback from residents very seriously.” New software and hybrid locomotives should help What happens now? The Cityjets will receive new software. “The noise pollution from these trains drops to almost zero,” says Krutzler. But city jets are not the problem here in Floridsdorf. Vienna’s FPÖ boss Dominik Nepp: “It cannot be that people in a residential area are further exposed to this madness of noise and emissions. The federal government and the city of Vienna want to curb CO2 consumption, but are unable to put a stop to such excesses. ÖBB also promises a willingness to improve. You now want to buy hybrid locomotives to reduce the loads. When the residents will feel something of it, however, is open.
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