Bar Refaeli: Supermodel convicted of tax evasion

Israeli top model Bar Refaeli has been convicted of tax evasion. But she is spared a prison sentence.

Bar Refaeli (35) and her mother Tzipi Levine (65) have been convicted of tax evasion in Israel. As part of a deal that they had negotiated with the prosecutor last month, the two women pleaded guilty not to have paid taxes on nearly $ 10 million in revenue. The reports of "The Times of Israel".

The Israeli top model is spared a prison sentence. Under the terms of the agreement, Refaeli will provide social service for nine months. Her mother, on the other hand, is said to be jailed for 16 months. On top of that, both are said to have been fined five million shekels (just under 1.3 million euros). The missing taxes in the millions have to pay back the women in addition to the penalty.

Lived in the USA with Leonardo DiCaprio

The Israeli authorities had accused Refaeli of failing to fully report their domestic and international earnings between 2009 and 2012. The model had a love affair with Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio (45, "The Revenant"). Her lawyers argued that Refaeli had meanwhile lived in the United States with him. Refaeli and DiCaprio met in 2005, the relationship is said to have lasted until 2011.

In May 2019, Refaeli had already been ordered to pay taxes of two million euros. The judge ruled at the time that the model had spent enough days in Israel in the years in question for the trial to be considered a resident of the country by the tax authorities.