Barack Obama denounces Russia’s “shameless attack” on Ukraine

Former US President Barack Obama reacted to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, denouncing a “brazen attack”.

“A threat to the foundation of international order and security”. On Thursday, former US President Barack Obama spoke out in condemnation of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which he called a “brazen attack”: “Russia did not do this because Ukraine posed a threat to Russia, but because the Ukrainian people have taken the path of sovereignty, self-determination and democracy. To have rights that should be available to all peoples and nations, Ukrainians are under attack that is killing innocent people and displacing countless men, women and children,” the Democrat wrote.

“All people with a conscience around the world must clearly, loudly and clearly condemn Russia’s actions and support the Ukrainian people. And every American, regardless of party, must support President Biden’s efforts, in coordination with our closest allies, to impose tough sanctions on Russia – sanctions that have a real impact on Russia’s autocratic elites.” , continued Barack Obama, referring to immediate economic sanctions. “In the long term, we face a choice between a world where autocrats are free to impose their will by force and a world in which free people everywhere have the power to determine their own future,” he said. -he adds. Thursday, in a speech, Joe Biden had been firm: “Putin is the aggressor, he chose to wage this war,” he said from the White House. “Russia will pay the consequences,” he hammered Joe Biden, assuring that the economic sanctions decreed would deal “a major blow to the Russian economy”. “This aggression cannot go unpunished,” he concluded.

Barack Obama’s support for his former vice-president Joe Biden comes as Donald Trump has multiplied praise for Vladimir Putin, whose strategy in Ukraine he called “genius” earlier this week. A position that clashes with the Republican Party whose main leaders have, while criticizing the Democratic President, denounced the Russian invasion. “No one in the Republican Party should be congratulating Vladimir Putin. He is a former KGB officer, a dictator and a thug. We must be clear,” said Marc Short, the former chief of staff of Mike Pence, former vice-president, to the “Washington Post”. “The Republican Party must unite behind the idea that Putin is a thief and a crook. I have no doubt that the vast majority of Republican senators will see that what happens in Ukraine is essential for our national security and our well-being, ”added South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, yet close to Trump.

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