Barely released, Payday 3 is already a victim of its success

Maxence Glineur

September 22, 2023 at 6:30 a.m.


Payday 3 © © Starbreeze Studios

© Starbreeze Studios

The famous heist game from Starbreeze Studios is finally revealed in a new version highly anticipated by players. However, the enthusiasm may have been too strong, as the multiplayer mode did not last long in the face of demand.

While its future has for some time been uncertain, Payday 3 is finally available worldwide. Ten years after the appearance of its predecessor, the title promises to rekindle the flame of a license which has left its mark on many minds. But times have changed, the current console generation is demanding its share of the spoils, and the world wants more action. And on this last point, there are already quite a few, but more for the developers and technicians behind the game than for the players.

Traffic jams on the road to success

If early access Payday 3opened on September 18, was not easy, unlike that of Starfield, its official release turns out to be even more… chaotic. Indeed, the title quickly rose to the top of sales on Steam, in just a few hours. Nothing surprising for a brand new game, some might say. However, another indicator could testify to its popularity: the health of its multiplayer mode.

And we cannot say that it is in great shape. From the launch of Payday 3, matchmaking in Europe, North America and everywhere else in the world was already no longer working properly, to the point of sometimes becoming inoperable. The problem is not entirely resolved at the time of writing. A real irony for a game devoid of offline mode. However, after three days of warm-up, Starbreeze Studios announced that it had taken the necessary measures to cope with the influx of newcomers.

Even if players are used to this kind of setback in the first days of a new title, we would have expected that everyone would be up to par on the big day. However, it may be that the availability of Payday 3 on Microsoft’s Game Pass (and therefore on its cloud gaming service) has attracted a very large number of curious people. Perhaps to the point of taking quite a few people by surprise.

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