Bars, restaurants: the Football World Cup could boost delivery more than catering

The winter weather could be more favorable to home delivery than to table catering this year, anticipates NPD Group.

The football World Cup, a traditional moment of conviviality that fills cafes, bars, pubs and restaurants, could be more favorable to home delivery than to table catering this year, due to the winter weather, according to a industry expert. “With a championship taking place over the last months of the year, the winter weather will impact the choice of places chosen by the French to attend the broadcasts.“, anticipates NPD Group.

Thereby, “in cold weather and in the face of economic conditions“, with soaring inflation, “it is likely that spectators will choose a cocooning and festive evening at home, in order to be able to gather in large numbers, while limiting the expenses related to drinks“, predicts the firm specializing in restoration, making”the happiness of the restoration delivered“. Since the last World Cup in 2018, the market share of home delivery has already doubled, from 3% to 6% of commercial catering visits in September 2022, specifies NPD.

Because this year,whether the matches broadcast during the day favor the frequentation of cafés, bars and pubs, because these places allow you to drink standing up, facing the screen», «at nightfall, larger groups, who usually sit around a meal on the terrace, may struggle to settle inside“, he continues. The catering at the table,served indoors at this time of year“is also”less compatible with match schedules, mostly broadcast during the day“, notes NDP.

Football evenings at home are likely to weigh on attendance this year“, while at the previous 2018 World Cup, “marked by the victory of France», «the attendance of bars, cafes, and even certain brasseries, had increased, in tune with the performances of the Blues“, recalls NPD Group: evening consumption had increased from 7% to 10% of visits and 12% of expenditure in June-July 2018. In addition this year “the big unknown remains the boycott of matches that some cities and supporters have already announced: its scale can have a considerable effectconcludes Maria Bertoch, NPD Group expert.

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