Bases on the Golan Heights: Hezbollah militia attacks with rockets from Lebanon

Bases on the Golan Heights
Hezbollah militia attacks with rockets from Lebanon

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Parallel to the air strike from Iran, the Hezbollah militia is also firing at targets in Israel. She claims to have launched dozens of rockets several times. The Houthis from Yemen are also taking part in the attack.

At the same time as the Iranian attack on Israel, the pro-Iranian Hezbollah militia said it fired another volley of rockets at Israeli targets. Within a few hours, it had repeatedly fired “dozens of Katyusha-type rockets” at three Israeli military bases in the occupied Golan Heights, the Iranian-backed Shiite militia in Lebanon said this morning. Katyusha are multiple rocket launchers and are originally from Soviet production.

The Israeli army announced an Iranian drone attack on Israel on Saturday evening. Iranian state media reported a little later that the Revolutionary Guards had also fired rockets at Israel in the “extensive” attack. At the same time as the Iranian airstrike, the Hezbollah militia in Lebanon and the Houthi rebels in Yemen also carried out attacks against Israeli targets.

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According to the Israeli army, Iran fired more than 200 drones and missiles at Israel. Media now report more than 300 missiles. The “vast majority” of them were intercepted, said army spokesman Daniel Hagari. According to him, the Iranian attack was still ongoing. According to US President Joe Biden, US forces helped shoot down “almost all” drones and missiles fired by Iran at Israel.

Tehran had been threatening Israel for days with retaliation for an attack attributed to Israel on an Iranian consular building in the Syrian capital Damascus. At the beginning of April, 16 people were killed, including two generals of the Revolutionary Guard.

Iran, as well as Hezbollah and the Houthis, are allied with the Islamist Palestinian organization Hamas, which triggered the war in the Gaza Strip with its major attack on Israel on October 7th. According to Israeli reports, around 1,170 people were killed in the attack and around 250 others were taken hostage in the Gaza Strip.

Israel has been taking massive military action in the Gaza Strip since the major Hamas attack. According to the Hamas-controlled Ministry of Health, which cannot be independently verified, almost 33,700 people have been killed so far.

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