BASF: for calculating the carbon footprint of products

( – As part of the joint ‘Together for Sustainability’ (TfS) initiative, 37 companies in the chemical industry, including BASF, have agreed on a global guideline for calculating the carbon footprint of products (PCF).

The new TfS Product Carbon Footprint Guideline provides specific calculation instructions for ‘cradle-to-gate’ emissions for chemicals.

It harmonizes PCF calculation methods across the industry and applies to the vast majority of chemicals.

In the future, this will allow companies in chemical-using sectors and the wider market to directly compare and assess the climate impact of products.

“This agreement brings us closer to achieving unrestricted comparability of product carbon footprints and therefore equal treatment within the chemical industry,” said Dr. Christoph Jäkel, Vice President of the sustainable development at BASF.

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