Bastard on Netflix: an adaptation finally at the height of the myth for the dark fantasy manga?

Netflix unveils this Thursday, June 30 the animated series “Bastard!! Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy”, adaptation of the famous manga by Kazushi Hagiwara (Glénat editions).

A juggernaut from the manga of the 90s arrives in an animated series on Netflix. The platform indeed unveils this Thursday, June 30 the first thirteen episodes of the Bastard anime!! Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy, adaptation of the eponymous manga by Kazushi Hagiwara (27 volumes, available from Glénat editions).

In publication in Japan since 1988 (the publication of the manga is nevertheless interrupted by regular breaks, no volume having been released since 2012!), Bastard!! is a dark fantasy series, following the adventures of the daughter of the great mage Tya Note Yoko, whose powers allow her to bring back to life the demonic magician Dark Schneider, an unlikely ally in their war against the evil Wizards.

Often compared to the immense Berserk for its darkness and its themes (although it is decidedly more shonen than the work of the late Kentaro Miura), Bastard!! had already been the subject of a first adaptation at the beginning of the 90s, in the form of six OAVs (episodes intended exclusively for the video market). Rather faithful and of good quality, this adaptation obviously could not adapt the entire manga at the time.

It is therefore in the form of a series that Bastard returns to us this time!! Designed by the studio Liden Films (Tokyo Revengers), the anime is also directed by Takaharu Ozaki, far from being a novice in dark fantasy since he was already employed on the animated adaptation of Goblin Slayer. Here is a new adaptation faithful to the manga, and generally uncensored, offered by Netflix.

Due to its extreme darkness, and bloody kills, Bastard!! is clearly not the kind of series suitable for a large audience; its viewing is therefore exclusively reserved for an adult audience, both for the cruelty of its images (but also its numerous scenes of nudity) as well as for its themes addressed. It is therefore better to have a strong heart before starting to watch this new Netflix series!

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Bastard!! Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy, to be found now only on Netflix.

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