Bastian Schweinsteiger: He thanks his wife for the "great laudation"

Bastian Schweinsteiger received the Golden Hen for his athletic life's work. Now he has thanked his wife for the laudation.

Bastian Schweinsteiger (36) was honored with Felix Neureuther (36) on Friday evening (October 30) with a Golden Hen for his athletic life's work. On Instagram, the ex-professional footballer has now thanked his wife Ana Ivanovic (32) for her "great laudation", which she dedicated to him on the golf course at the side of presenter Kai Pflaume (53). "I was amazed when my wife and Kai Pflaume surprised me with the Golden Hen for my life's work in sport. Thank you for this special award!" Wrote Schweinsteiger about a video that captured the special moment.

"You have experienced more triumphs than almost any other footballer. You have also experienced defeats, and not only when you play tennis against me," joked the former professional tennis player at the beginning. Regardless of whether it is defeat or triumph, the entire team is always important to Schweinsteiger. "I don't think anyone deserves this award more than you. Congratulations," she concluded. Schweinsteiger praised her for the speech given in German. "Thanks, I couldn't practice with you before." It has always been an honor for him to be on the pitch and to represent certain values, Schweinsteiger also thanked the camera.

A special comeback with the Golden Hen

Another special moment at the awarding of the "Golden Hen": Pop star Helene Fischer (36, "roller coaster") returned to the stage after almost a year of abstinence from TV. For "The Helene Fischer Show" she received the coveted audience award in the "Entertainment" category. It is now the eighth Golden Hen for Helene Fischer, who took the stage in a red evening dress.