Bataille and Fontaine: this reason that led them to resume Only the truth matters

Pascal Bataille and Laurent Fontaine offer a selection of the most striking stories from their cult show, Y’a que la vrai qui compte, born twenty years ago and disappeared in 2006, which will be broadcast Thursday September 8 at 9:15 p.m. on C8 .

Why this return of Only the truth matters?

Lawrence Fontaine: Since the confinement, the sequences of our show on the Internet have had incredible success. 2.5 billion total views! And from all over the world because we have had them translated into several languages. We therefore asked ourselves, with Cyril Hanouna and C8, if it could work on TV again. It’s a test. We will see if there is an interest from the public to consider new programs.

What made this program successful?

Pascal Battle: It’s an Italian concept to which we made modifications, such as a curtain, dressing rooms, Sam… It’s our version which was then adapted in Spain and Tunisia, for example, but with a single animator. The Guignols said that we only had one brain for two. It’s not false ! We are very complementary, there has never been a misplaced ego. And it’s a positive show…

LF: … Where we have taken care, this time again, to alternate stories that give chills with others that make you laugh.

Did you have fun working together again?

DB: Our professional paths separated in 2013, but our friendship has never been started. We’ve known each other since 1983!

LF: We had political differences, me being pro-Macron, unlike Pascal. But in forty years, we have shared everything: the successes, the descent, the management of a box with a hundred collaborators… On our deathbed, we can say that our friendship was rather successful. (Laughs.) And then Pascal is very “Bordeaux”. Me, my life is between Paris and the Maghreb since the mother of my daughters is Moroccan. At one time, I went up to ten days a month in Morocco.

DB: We felt a sincere pleasure. We found our reflexes. This program is in the top 3 programs that we have produced or presented. And it has been useful to many of those who have participated in it. We found out when we contacted them.

What have you been up to lately? Did you miss TV?

LF: If I do TV again, it’s not because I asked for it. I am in TPMP People when they call me. And I also have a communication agency.

DB: I miss the radio more. I take care, among other things, of my hotel-restaurant in Cap-Ferret.

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