Batman: Arkham Collection, a Switch version unveiled by a retailer

Batman is still popularthe Black Knight of DC Comics is regularly entitled to more or less successful films, he will be back next March with Robert Pattinson under the mask in The Batman. As for video games, Batou takes a break after the excellent saga Batman: Arkham of Rocksteady and Warner Bros. Games Montreal.

Moreover, the main trilogy developed by Rocksteady was entitled in 2018 to a compilation, Batman: Arkham Collection, on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. But it looks like the games will soon be back on Switch. WTTa French retailer, has indeed listed in its catalog Batman: Arkham Collection on Nintendo Switch, with a placement date of August 31, 2022, suggesting that the release would be in the coming months. Well, the game was quickly removed, but VGC had time to take a screenshot, and he reminds us in passing that WTT had already leaked the existence of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition on Nintendo Switch before its official release. The dumpling…

On PS4 and Xbox One, Batman: Arkham Collection included as a reminder Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City and Batman: Arkham Knightbut not Batman: Arkham Origins, developed by another studio. Anyway, gamers on the consoles of nintendo were not spoiled, they have been entitled in recent years only to Batman: Arkham City on Wii U, it will therefore be an opportunity to discover the excellent trilogy in its entirety, if it is confirmed on Switch. Alternatively, you can already find Batman: Arkham Collection at €32.78 on PS4 via Amazon.

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