Battle for the coat of arms: At BVB there is still trouble about the jersey

Battle for the coat of arms
At BVB there is still trouble about the jersey

Borussia Dortmund has trouble with its own fans before the first Champions League game: an important detail is missing on the jersey. Now the outrage has been settled with a design compromise.

Borussia Dortmund has now started the Champions League with the coat of arms on their chest. This is hardly noticeable on the jerseys. In the past few weeks, BVB supporters had been in an uproar in the face of photos that appeared on the Internet. Because the traditional emblem was completely missing on the Jersey that was initially planned, instead only “Dortmund” was emblazoned on the chest, the coat of arms was missing.

The ultra group “Desperados” then placed a banner across from the club’s office: “Anyone who does not honor the coat of arms is not worth Borussia!” After this and other violent reactions from supporters, the club had praised improvements to the jersey: “Dear BVB fans, your criticism of the cup jersey for the new season has been received,” said a statement that the club distributed via Twitter. “The leaked jersey doesn’t look what it will look like. So please be patient.”

The design of the work clothes was apparently changed and presented with a significant delay. Not at all as the fans had hoped, however: The controversial cup jersey could be ordered for a short time on Tuesday in the official Indian online shop of the supplier Puma – without the coat of arms.

“Let yourself be surprised”

At the Youth League game in Istanbul, too, the youngsters from BVB only wore slightly modified jerseys: There the “Dortmund” on the chest was simply replaced by an oversized “BVB 09”, the coat of arms was still missing on the chest. It was only worked into the collar in the neck area. Numerous fans expressed their outrage on social media again, some felt mocked by their own club. On the warm-up shirts of the pros in Istanbul, instead of the iconic “BVB 09” emblem, under which the club had established itself as number two in German football over the past few decades, only “BVB 09” was emblazoned.

After inquiries about the outcome of the dispute with their own fans at the press conference on Tuesday with a “Let yourself be surprised”, the riddle of the final design was lifted that evening in Istanbul: The BVB professionals started in the premier class with a barely visible coat of arms, which was printed heavily faded on the left breast. At the same time as the start of the game, the new jersey was also available in the club’s online shop.

In the design of the supplier, however, the coat of arms is not actually provided, the barely visible BVB emblem is just a design compromise. The crest is still missing on the corresponding jerseys of other clubs equipped by Puma.