“Battle of the Reality Stars”: Being nice is punished

“Battle of the Reality Stars”
Being nice is punished

The friends Jenefer Riili and Chris Broy are torn apart.

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In the penultimate episode, a storm rages through Thailand. And a co-favorite has to leave the sala surprisingly. Other stars sway too.

The sea on the Thai dream beach is as turbulent as the feelings of the celebrities in the “battle of the reality stars”. The waves tower so high that in the penultimate episode of the RTLzwei show, the two newcomers are not brought in by boat, but by car.

The new ones are Aminata Sanogo (26), former candidate of “Germany’s next top model” and Luigi “Gigi” Birofio (21), ex- “Ex On The Beach” participant. The latter makes the blood of Gino Bormann (33) bubble. The “Prince Charming” boy shoots porn with the newcomer as soon as he is greeted.

And Gigi is also enthusiastic: “I’ve always wanted a gay best friend”. At least he can cuddle with Gino safely, because his girlfriend has forbidden him to have physical contact with the candidates. She doesn’t want to see her Gigi as a future ex on the Thai beach.

The stars are evacuated

The beach is getting more and more uncomfortable. A tropical storm with thunderstorms and heavy rain sets in, so violent that Kader Loth (48) fears for her safety. And indeed: The storm is so strong that the makers have to evacuate the Sala. The reality stars spend one night in the hotel.

The turbulence in the weather was only a harbinger of the internal faults that threatened the group. Because Aminata and Gigi only have 24 hours to kick out an established star instead of the usual three days that cover an episode of the show. Since one day is not enough to get to know your colleagues, the two of them do the only sensible thing: They choose tactically. The newbies choose Chris Broy (31). Because he’s so nice and therefore a favorite.

The ex- “summer house” participant is horrified, as are the other stars. Where do we get to when being nice is punished. “I was real,” says Chris desperately. But obviously too real. Chris` best friend Jenefer Riili (30) is briefly devastated, but then puts on a certain victory-now-especially-smile and even makes friends with Aminata. Is she planning an ice cold vengeance? Or is she sure that she deserves the win now after her best friend has left?

Two have to go out

The finale is getting closer, so space has to be made in the sala. This time the stars have to choose two people from their midst. Unlike in the previous episodes, not even the two newcomers are safe from the broken glass. Only the winner of the last game is protected. And his name is once again Andrej Mangold (34). The ex- “Bachelor” pulls himself out of the swamp. If he weren’t assured, the ex-national basketball player, who was unpopular as a former “summer house” mobber, would probably get caught, he knows that himself.

Loona (46), on the other hand, has to learn that she is less popular than expected. In a game in which the stars have to assess their image, the singer embarrassingly suspects that she is the most popular candidate with the audience (but it was Jenefer). At the moment of truth, she gets a lot of negative votes from the other reality stars in the form of gold coins. The reason: Loona seems too slimy, comes too much towards the others. Being nice is dangerous here.

But Loona gets away with a black eye. Gigi has to leave the show in the same episode in which he arrived. For fear of his girlfriend, he held back too much. Mike Heiter (28) was the second to catch it. He is allowed to follow his girlfriend Laura Morante (30), who was thrown out in the last episode, into the hotel.