“Battle of the Reality Stars”: Emotional video message from Willi Herren

“Battle of the Reality Stars”
Emotional video message from Willi Herren

Rocco Stark, Loona, Andrej Mangold and Alessia Herren (from left) hope for the final.

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In the penultimate episode, the stars received emotional messages from home – also from the late Willi Herren.

Semifinals on the Thai beach for the reality stars or the “Z-celebrities”, the “waste products”, as Kader Loth (48) calls it in one of her attacks of realism. “It doesn’t get any deeper”.

In the previous episode, the producers tried to stir up conflicts by allowing the “waste products” to spray poison during the nomination round, but ultimately no one had to leave. But the discrepancies are quickly cleared up. Gino Bormann (33), who actually got caught, seemed to have forgiven his competitor.

Video messages as tear gas

In the semifinals, the makers were mild. Instead of a punishment game, there was a reward game. The candidates were allowed to fight for video messages from their loved ones. Gino, Alessia Herren (19) and Claudia Obert (59) won. Claudia generously gave her reward to the mother of the trash nation, Silvia Wollny (56).

But the production was also accommodating and threw further rounds of family greetings. After all, there are telegenic feelings to be tapped here. In fact, the makers could have let a plane drop tear gas, tears flowed so reliably. The viewer also has to swallow for a moment, especially when Willi Herren (1975-2021), who died after the season was recorded, greets his daughter Alessia.

Quiz show as a nightmare

In the final backup game, “Kampf der Realitystars” took up another classic of the genre: a knowledge quiz. The typical reality star is no longer afraid of anything, you know it from the jungle camp. Better to swallow living spiders than to show ignorance. Young Alessia in particular is trembling, but is doing well. The show’s jester, Cosimo Citiolo (39), does surprisingly well. Jenefer Riili (30) wins the race. She is sure to be in the final.

Another candidate may not only save himself in the last broadcast, but also directly in the round of the last three that will then take place. The prerequisite: He or she has to submit a real headline that actually makes it into the press. The Queen of Gossip, Claudia, is chosen, of course. She reveals that she paid 100,000 euros for a call boy in one year. The headline actually appeared on April 9 in “BILD” (now we finally know when the show was shot).

Surprisingly clear vote

So Jenny and Claudia are safe in the last “hour of truth”. For the first time in ages Andrej Mangold (34) could not protect himself in a game. But the ex-Bachelor, who is always suspicious of fellow candidates because of his bullying past at “Sommerhaus der Stars” and is internally regarded as one of the favorites, gets off lightly. Gino, who was the bogeyman in the last episode, is also spared. One understands the stars. Instead, they shoot themselves at Rocco Stark (34). The actor, overqualified as a reality star for Jenny, gets a record number of nine coins and has to leave.