‘Battle of the Reality Stars’: Immoral Offers for Immoral Celebs

“Battle of the Reality Stars”
Immoral offers for immoral celebrities

Emmy and Percival remain the most controversial contestants on ‘Battle of the Reality Stars’.


Harmless punishments and immoral offers: “Battle of the Reality Stars” turns onto the home straight.

“Now the hot phase begins,” reports Starblitz in episode eight of “Kampf der Realitystars” (Wednesday, 8:15 p.m. on RTLzwei, also on RTL+). No newcomers are added in the penultimate episode. “Everyone fights against everyone” is the motto now (Starblitz).

In the first game everyone fights against a punishment. The stars have to fill water from a basin into a container with sponges attached to their heads. Serkan Yavuz (29) fills his glass first. But that is only the first step. The stars are allowed to fill their earned liquid into containers that are assigned to the respective competitors. The three candidates who get the most water will be penalized. It hits Sarah Knappik (36), Lukas Baltruschat (28) and Serkan.

Penalties and poisoned carrots

As a punishment, the three have to push the toilet service. No reality star is allowed to go to the toilet without her company. A harmless sanction that is overstated by the staging. In the first half hour of the episode, there is still no sign of the beginning of a hot phase.

The next penalty is a bit harder. Since more than 100 rule violations have accumulated over the course of the season, the production collects cigarettes and coffee machines.

In addition to the stick, there is also a carrot for the candidates. But poisoned, of course. The stars are called individually to the editorial office. Cash is waiting there. But of course this is tied to an immoral decision. You can rake in the money, but a roommate has to do without a video message from his loved one.

Purse or animal shelter in Madrid?

All reality stars waive thanks. Except for Emmy Russ (23). The TV starlet, which is not known as an altruist anyway, pocketed 3,300 euros. Sascha Sirtl (45) is the only celebrity who does not get any pictures from home. Since Sascha isn’t married and has no children, that’s not so bad for him, Emmy corrects it in a soliloquy. But Sascha could do something good for her. For example a new handbag.

The video messages ensure the expected flow of tears. Even with Sascha, who gets nothing. Emmy is once again the hate object. Even if she claims to want to donate the money to an animal shelter in Madrid. It would be worth checking whether the money has arrived there in the meantime.

In addition to Emmy, musician Percival Duke is the second bogeyman because he smoked despite the ban. As a penalty, two handicapped stars have to go into the safety game. Emmy and Percival voluntarily accept the sanction to avoid a discussion that would have turned against them anyway.

Percival snaps up immoral offer

So Emmy and Percival would have to go into the saving game weakened. But there is another twist. Because the editors have an even more immoral offer in their quiver. Anyone signing a severance agreement must leave immediately. There is 10,000 euros for this. And this offer also has a sting. The money will be deducted from the winning total of the winner. Whoever wins the season would only receive 40,000 euros.

Emmy runs towards the editorial office when she hears 10,000 euros. She only reads the small print in the editorial office. She begins to ponder and wants to talk to Matthias Mangiapane (39), the colleague who hates her the least. But when she leaves the editorial office, Percival accidentally comes out of the toilet. The singer takes advantage of the moment. He runs into the office and locks himself in. After a moment’s thought, he signs the severance payment. The musician, who lost a lot of money due to the corona pandemic, wants to use the 10,000 euros to pay off debts.

Handicap turns out to be an advantage

So only Emmy with a handicap goes into the safety game. She must wear flippers on her feet. In addition, she only competes with Lukas in doubles, the other reality stars each fight in threes.

As in the punishment game, water has to be transported with the body. But this time at large tables. A photo of a landmark is glued to it, covered by a thick layer of soap. It has to be rubbed away, any part of the body is allowed except hands and arms. Then you have to form the city where the attraction is located from letters printed on randomly scattered pieces of clothing.

Emmy’s handicap turns out to be an advantage. She scrapes the soap away with her flippers. She and Luke are the first to recognize their subject (The White House) and spell out the city of Washington.

So Emmy is safe and Percival is out voluntarily. Who should the stars nominate now? The moment of truth turns out to be more civilized than before. For sporting reasons, Sascha’s twin brother Jay Sirtl finally got it.


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