“Battle of the Reality Stars”: Star sells more than just his soul

“Battle of the Reality Stars”
Star not only sells his soul

Did Kevin (M.) gamble and lose?

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Immoral decision in the semi-final of “Battle of the Reality Stars”: A candidate overdraws his karma account.

Penultimate episode of “Kampf der Realitystars” (Wednesdays 20:15 on RTLzwei and RTL+). But before they get to the finals, there is a punishment game. The goal is to avoid an “unpleasant additional task”. The celebrities have to nail, drink and derail in two teams of five. Core competencies, in other words. First, they have to hammer nails in a course, which is accompanied by stars and a commentator with the expected sexual connotations. Then they have to form swear words from initial letters and finally transport liquid in their mouths.

Noah Cremer (22) shines with creative invectives such as Otterficker or Natterschlampe. Christoph Oberheide (35) fails on the first nail in the other team. Overall, the celebrities can only reduce the punishment minimally. Instead of 15, they have to answer ten correct questions in teams of two – in the stuffy Starbox.

An even harsher punishment awaits at the “Wall of Truth”. The reality stars have to rank themselves according to popularity. Nina Anhan’s picture is turned over first, and she ranks herself in the middle. But her photo is passed to the very back. She defends herself and lashes out verbally. In doing so, she subsequently confirms her poor rating. The most popular is Lilo von Kiesenwetter (70).

Kevin charges his karma account

But that’s not the end of it. The boss is planning another “mindfuck until the last breath” with the result, says Chris Manazidis (37). Once again, an immoral offer awaits in the executive suite. The candidates are allowed to sell the popular Lilo in order to raise the reduced total amount back to 50,000 euros. If they want to get rid of the unpopular Nina, the amount is reduced by 10,000 euros.

The stars are allowed to sign a contract individually and in secret. If three celebrities sign, the deal is valid. Lilo sells herself, the Sala senior allows the younger competitors to win the full amount. While most of the candidates turn away in disgust, Kevin Schäfer (35) signs with Lilo. “I don’t know if my karma account can handle that,” he says. The chances are good, because “karma is my boyfriend.”

Kevin doesn’t charge his account for anything. Since not enough stars have signed, Lila and Nina are allowed to stay. Instead, they go to the sala to look for the “rat”. Calvin Kleinen (32) immediately suspects Kevin. Seer Lilo suspects Chris. Because he may want to protect her for health reasons.

There is a hole in the bucket

The safety game is called “Full as a Bucket”. The players have to answer questions about celebrity mishaps. Whoever is right can make a hole in a competitor’s bucket. In the second round, they have to scoop sand into a cylinder. Christoph blacks out while transporting the sand and the game has to be stopped. In the end, Calvin clearly wins. No wonder, given the title of the game.

In the final hour of truth, each candidate has two coins at their disposal. Nina is also unpopular at the jury. But two competitors get even more coins. The twins Heidi and Heike Kapuste (58), who are considered one person, have to leave – but only because they were considered too good for this celebrity world.

The other person to be eliminated is Kevin. Not just because of the suspicion that he could be the rat. He has overdrawn his karma account.


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