Battlefield 2042: the galley continues with a heavy postponement of Season 1, the next new features mentioned

Not everything is going as planned for Battlefield 2042. The quality of the game failed to live up to players’ expectations at launch, forcing DICE chain technical updates instead of dwelling on new content. The Season 1 had thus been postponed to the beginning of 2022, but it will be necessary to be much more patient to discover it in the end.

DICE announce today thatit is postponed to the beginning of the summer, so not before June or even July 2022. There will always be at least four seasons in all, which will introduce as many new Specialistsfrom maps brand new and more. To apologize for this delay, and especially to those who purchased the Year 1 pass and its additional bonuses via the editions Gold and Ultimate, a Steadfast Exclusive Legendary Bundle will be offered to them : he will understand the zero resistance skin for mackayweapon and vehicle skins, a melee weapon and a game sheet, available with the next update.

By the summer, however, the developers will not be idle. They plan to to add a scoreboard during the March update, voice communication on all platforms or even player profiles. They also want to take more into account the opinions of the community by evoking their desires for improvements upstream, in particular in terms of level design.

Thank you for your patience. We know you want to know more about fixes for known issues in Battlefield 2042 and where the game is headed in the coming months. Today, we confirm that our team is committed to ensuring that the game reaches the highest quality standards of the franchise.

We heard you. We will therefore be actively investing in the future of Battlefield 2042. We are working on several fronts to analyze your feedback and apply significant fixes to the game, introduce major features that you deem essential and develop the game further. team.

We had to make some big decisions for our next set of updates to introduce such improvements, the most significant being moving the release date of our first Season to early summer. This gives us time to focus on improving the Battlefield 2042 experience while finalizing our seasonal content development to meet all quality standards.


Here is a preview of the features we will be bringing to the game as soon as possible.

  • SCORING TABLE – In the next update we will add a new scoreboard, as well as other changes we have been working on since the holidays. This will be an evolution from what we showed you recently. We have taken into account your comments about having two tables and a distinction between the two teams. We will try to implement this in the next update. S/M Score (Kills/Deaths) will also be incorporated in another update.
  • VOICE COMMUNICATION (ALL PLATFORMS) – The arrival of voice communication (VOIP) is just one of the first improvements aimed at improving team play and communication.
  • PLAYER PROFILE – You will have a better overview of your career on the battlefield and what you have to do to unlock a new element.

When it comes to team play, you can expect a clearer and more concise squad loop, an improved ping system, and better rewards when you and your squad play the objective. Gunplay (weapon handling/balancing) will also continue to be improved based on your feedback.

Portal is an integral part of the game and we will continue to add tools and modes while balancing experience gains. Finally, be aware that a dedicated team analyzes and works on the Specialists. We’re not ready to talk about what we plan to do about them yet, but as soon as we are, we’ll let you know more.


We are committed to improving the quality of the game through our updates, but also by speeding up our reactions to critical issues in online spaces. We’ll also speak more clearly about where we want to go, and what drives our decisions on improving the game. We’ll communicate more and expand our existing feedback loops to engage you more directly in these processes.

Our team has identified several areas that we intend to improve. Here’s how we’ll take your feedback into account in the future.

  1. First, we will present the points that we intend to work on, as well as our current ideas and how we plan to improve them.
  2. We will then take the time to analyze your comments on these points and our suggestions for improvement.
  3. Later, we will speak again on these subjects, but this time, we will have taken your feedback into account to define the improvements to be implemented.

These exchanges will be centralized and available on the Battlefield site. They will also be synthesized on our channels.

This process will be implemented within the month and will focus first on one of the fundamental areas of the game: map design. This will be an opportunity for us to present to you the way in which we intend to improve our maps; we will be particularly interested in comments relating to open spaces and the lack of shelter in certain important areas.

The most important topics like map design will be shared very openly, but for slightly more minor elements of the game (like Portal logic) we will discuss them in less publicized conversations. In any case, all of these conversations will be public and everyone will be invited to participate.

Some of these feedback loops will dwell on major elements, others will take time to process and impact the game. what a development process looks like. Changes to maps and core gameplay will take time.

We are committed to explaining our reasoning behind future decisions and how we will handle your feedback. We want you to have a clearer vision of what we intend to achieve and to incorporate more of what we hear so that our work has meaning for you.

We will implement this process before the release of our next update. When these conversations are launched, you will be notified on our website, but also on the Battlefield social networks.


When Season 1 arrives in early summer, it will kick off a year of four Seasons, featuring four new Specialists, new locations, and new content. We know this is a late launch for those who purchased the Year 1 Pass as part of the Gold and Ultimate editions. To thank you for your patience and continued support, people who have purchased these editions will receive an exclusive pack containing a Specialist skin, weapon and vehicle skins, a melee weapon and a game sheet, available with the next update.

We will continue to keep you informed of future updates via the Twitter account. @BattlefieldComm. You can also consult our follow-up of known issues and the changes we can make in real time on the battlefield forums.

Our goal, which we will strive to achieve, is to ensure that Battlefield 2042 lives up to our ambitions and your expectations.

Ryan McArthur (senior producer), on behalf of the Battlefield team

Battlefield 2042 Steadfast Exclusive Legendary Bundle

Hopefully, with so much to do, the ship Battlefield 2042 does not sink until these good intentions come to fruition. The game is available from €41.24 on

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