Battlefield 2042’s new “Exposure” map reportedly leaked

New leaks regarding Battlefield 2042 have revealed a first look at the all-new Exposure map that is expected to arrive with the Season 1 update.

The launch of Battlefield 2042 hasn’t been the easiest. Still, longtime franchise fans are looking forward to the new content for Season 1. We had known for some time that a new map was coming. And that’s through the Season 1 update and now we have a first look at Exposure, thanks to Temporyal.

Although a large chunk of gamers have failed to play the game. Or at least not on a regular basis since its release, the developers are hoping that the new content in Season 1 will give the popularity a boost.


The launch of Battlefield 2042 has not been very well received.

Exposure, the new Battlefield 2042 map

In addition to a battle pass, the update will offer players the Exposure card. The official release date for the update has yet to be revealed. Despite wedging the prominent Battlefield leaker, Temporyal, has urged fans of the game to expect a March 2022 release.

Temporyal is often right when it comes to new information about the franchise. This should also be the case for the Exposure images.

Exposure was initially thought to be located in British Columbia, Canada, and the images support this theory. Although we don’t see the so-called Canada-U.S. Research center that is said to be part of the map. We nevertheless see magnificent landscapes of Western Canada.

The image shows many snow-capped mountains as far as the eye can see.

Temporyal notes that there is no guarantee that this information or the image of Exposure will end up in the game. However, this new information should get players excited about what is to come in Season 1.

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