“Batwoman”: Perfect cast found for iconic villain

Perfect cast found for iconic villain

Bridget Regan here, dark-haired.

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“Jane the Virgin” star Bridget Regan plays Poison Ivy in the “Batwoman” series. A good choice not just because of the hair color.

The third season of “Batwoman” is scheduled to start in the USA on October 13, 2021. Now an actress has been hired for Poison Ivy for the new episodes from the Arrowverse. According to The Hollywood Reporter“Bridget Regan (39) will play one of the most distinctive villains from the Batman universe.

Bridget Regan is a tried and tested TV actress who series fans should know from her recurring role as Rose in “Jane the Virgin”. She also has experience with superhero series, even if it was in the Marvel cosmos and not in DC Comics: In “Marvel’s Agent Carter” Regan played the character Dottie Underwood, an agent of the “Black Widow” program.

This is Poison Ivy in “Batwoman”

The station The CW, which runs “Batwoman” in the USA (in this country on Amazon Prime), describes Pamela Isley alias Poison Ivy as a “passionate and brilliant scientist” who wants to change the world for the better. But during experiments by a colleague, she is pumped full of various plant poisons and thus becomes an adversary of Batman and Batwoman. After a few years of being away from the window, she is now returning. With a thirst for revenge … This description roughly coincides with the classic storyline from the comics.

Poison Ivy made her debut in the comic book Batman # 181 in 1966. Then the ecoterrorist disappeared from the scene, it was not until the 1970s that she became a regularly appearing villain. Uma Thurman (51) played her in the film “Batman & Robin”.

The poisonous opponent is usually portrayed as a very attractive femme fatale with red hair. In that regard, Bridget Regan is a perfect fit. She has naturally red hair, although she mostly dyes it for her roles.