“Bauer sucht Frau International”: Farmers in these countries were looking for their fortune

“Farmer is looking for a woman internationally”
Farmers tried their luck in these countries

Inka Bause also plays Armor in the fifth season of “Bauer sucht Frau International”.

© RTL / Benno Kraehahn

On October 3rd, “Bauer sucht Frau International” will be going around the world again. In these countries, farmers were already looking for happiness in love.

On the Day of German Unity, the long-standing “Bauer sucht Frau” presenter Inka Bause (53) introduces the new farmers for another season of the dome spin-off, which is about farms around the world. RTL shows “Bauer sucht Frau International – The new farmers worldwide” (also on RTL +) on October 3rd from 7:05 p.m.

In four seasons, the production team traveled all over the world. The ladies-in-waiting went to Germany’s neighboring countries and also across the pond. In these countries, farmers were already looking for happiness in love.

South Africa

Since 2019, every season of “Bauer sucht Frau International” has gone to South Africa. It all started in season one with the rancher Rüdiger, who ran a huge farm and was looking for great fortune.

In the second season, the then 61-year-old Gerhard was looking for the woman for life. He also ran a livestock farm with over 200 animals and kept bees. The amateur musician also had a music conference center. At that time he found his love in Birgit – the two even made music together.

In 2021 Werner was looking for his great love in South Africa. With his son he had an apiary with 2,000 beehives. The then 64-year-old lost his left leg in a crocodile attack and despite the tragic death of his wife, he dared to look for a new love for life. The teachers Karin and Conny were his ladies-in-waiting at the time, but Werner died shortly after filming. He suffered from cancer for years.

In the fourth season, Rüdiger looked for the right woman again at the age of 58. The asparagus farmer found happiness with the nanny Martina, with whom he had fallen head over heels.


In seasons one and two, two farmers from Namibia were looking for their dream woman. First, the then 32-year-old Stefan tried his luck. His ladies-in-waiting at that time: teacher Svenja, salesperson Justine and Larissa, who worked in the pharmaceutical industry. In the end it seemed to spark between Svenja and him.

In season two, Sigi was convinced that you could still find love at 71. He wanted to impress his ladies-in-waiting with his self-sufficient farm with four cows and 70 goats. At first he toyed with the 63-year-old Freia, but in the end decided on Edith.

In the fourth season of the dome show, two farmers from Namibia went looking for love again. Bookworm Emil ran a cattle farm. Young farmer Michael was already in the introduction round of the show in season three, but unfortunately did not find his great love at the time. With his twin brother he devoted himself to timber and agriculture.


Three times in the history of “Bauer sucht Frau International” we went Down Under. Inka Bause introduced the then 61-year-old Rainer with a real cowboy. In western Australia he ran a horse ranch and also kept cattle and sheep. With logistician Saskia and geriatric nurse Michaela he had two different ladies-in-waiting. In the end Saskia won his heart and Rainer even asked for her hand. A wedding Down Under followed.

In the second season, poultry farmer Vivien was looking for happiness in love. So far she has had no luck with Australian men and tried it on the RTL show. With Sebastian she had apparently found the right one – there was also a first kiss on the show.

Tom also wanted to try his luck in season four. He has lived in Australia with his family since he was a teenager. After his divorce in 1994, he decided he didn’t want to be alone anymore.

Costa Rica

In two seasons, a few ladies-in-waiting were drawn to distant Costa Rica. Coffee and banana farmer Tom no longer wanted to complete his jungle tours alone. The then 58-year-old tried to hook up with Siglinde, Gabriele and Joyce. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out for “Bauer sucht Frau International”. He later found his great love via a dating app.

Nico was looking for the woman for life in season four. Tirza, Karin and Nicola were allowed to visit the organic farmer on his farm. In the end he fell in love with Nicola.

“Bauer sucht Frau International” around the world

In the past four seasons, in addition to the countries mentioned, Canada, Chile, Italy, India, New Zealand, Mexico, Croatia, Botswana and Peru have also been shown. It was shot twice in Hungary, Austria and France.

“From Europe to Africa, from Asia to South America, the search for great happiness in love continues,” RTL recently gave a small foretaste of the new episodes. Specifically, this time the ladies and gentlemen are going to Laos, Spain or Austria.


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