“Bauer sucht Frau”: Settlement in the final

“Farmer is looking for a wife”
Settlement in the final

Not even Inka Bause (left) could really arbitrate between Matze and Eyleen.


When we saw the 17th season of “Bauer sucht Frau” there was a lot of bad air. Most of the time there were no debates.

In the last episode, at the end of the court weeks, there was nothing but sunshine between the farmers and their ladies-in-waiting. Almost everyone raved about it and promised to want to see each other again – at least. But at the big reunion of “Bauer sucht Frau” on RTL (also on RTL +) most of the candidates traveled alone. What happened?

Three months after the shooting of the Hofwochen, the participants come together again. After a pure farmer’s round with beer and men’s humor, the women also arrive. Then things get serious for the candidates and their wives, in one-on-one interviews with Inka Bause (53).

Dirk receives flirting tips from Inka Bause

Dirk (24) has to go first on the scaffold. “We don’t want to warm up old shit,” says the sheep farmer, but he can’t get away with his two candidates Saskia (25) and Sophie (19). After all, Dirk pissed her off with his talk about other women, first one, then the other. At the end of the day, Dirk got flirting tips from Inka Bause: “When you are with a woman, it is better not to speak of others”. Good to know. But Dirk just likes to say the “ice cold truth”. At the reunion festival, the young farmer even got a third chance. Elisabeth (18), whom he spurned at the barn festival because of the great distance, is surprisingly carted off. Dirk and Elisabeth had already made personal contact, in the final episode she gives him “a chance”.

A large physical distance was no problem for Mathias (33) and Sabrina (34): The two of them find each other “robust” and visit each other every weekend despite a distance of 800 kilometers – moving in together is not impossible. The Swabian and Schleswig-Holstein are one of three couples who found each other in the 17th season. The others, in addition to the dream couple Peter (26) and Kerstin (28), are the late-calling couple Nils (33) and Vanessa (34). For both of them it was love at first sight – even if actually at second sight. After all, Nils first selected Sabrina (28). There is already talk of a wedding with Vanessa.

Contact broke off in four couples

For most of the candidate pairs, however, things did not go so well. Despite the hopeful mood in the last episode, some broke off contact without it becoming clear why – as with Hubert (40) and Andrea (39). For Enno (25) and Kim (21) things were initially promising until he retired after six weeks. Torsten (52) did not get in touch with Karin (55), so there was no longer any discussion.

It really crashed at Matze (34) and Eyleen (32). They met again after the court week, and there was a big argument because after one evening she wanted to leave again. “Two stubborn heads grapple with each other,” says Matze, Eyleen thought he was an “ungrateful asshole” at the time. There is no overdue debate, at least not in front of the camera.

Indirect partnership thanks to “Bauer sucht Frau”

With Lara (26) and her Melanie (34) it became clear during the farm week that there was no crackling. In the meantime, however, Lara has found a partner who became aware of her through “Bauer sucht Frau”, but at first did not dare to write. Olaf (60) also found a wife indirectly through the program. His lady-in-waiting Bettina (55) did not want to be like him, but her presence made a friend of Olaf, with whom he had a friendship plus, jealous.

Also there at the end of the season were Mike (41) and Sandra (31), whom one had almost forgotten as a viewer. At the barn festival, Mike chose Sandra, but got cold feet even before the start of the farm week. Inka Bause gives the farmer another chance, he can speak into the camera and advertise himself.

And then there is also Björn (32). He couldn’t and didn’t want to choose between Dani (35) and Kathrin (34). A friendship developed between the three (without a plus), even if they haven’t met in person since the court week. According to Inka Bause, there has never been such a constellation in 17 years. A historical milestone in a season that is very pleasant overall.


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